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I'm freeeeeeeeee......well that's how I feel anyway 09/07

You all know how long I've been wanting to get my driver's license and so many of you have encouraged me by letting me know that it can be done, even when I felt otherwise. What with a busy husband and me not having the time to practice because of the little ones at home.

As a matter-a-fact, the only time I got practice was the once in a blue moon drive to another state, or if we made church on Sundays or going to the kids pediatrician appointments.

Dh's work schedule is hard. He is on call 14 days and only gets 6 days off. Sometimes he does get to come home in the evenings like regular work day, but within that 6 days period is when everything is crammed: appointments, errands, family time etc. And so the time when he should be resting is cut short.

In my country, there really wasn't any reason to drive. Vehicles were everywhere, anytime of day waiting to take you where you need to go. Shoot you didn't have to hail them, they would drive up to meet you!
I've been trying for almost three (3) years now to get this license. I wanted it before my son was born, that didn't happen. I wanted it before baby Victoria was born, that didn't happen and little by little I started to doubt that it ever would.

I remember at 7 months preggos with Victoria I told dh I wanted to go to the DMV. I went. I passed the written test. I was doing well with the car until I turned a curve too wide, the next instant the woman jumped out of the car in the middle of the road and freaked out big time. I was so shocked I didn't even speak. She then took over the wheel and drove back to the office and said I should go get more practice.

She honestly didn't have to freak out like that. It's not like I was driving through cross traffic. And ever since then, I lost even more confidence in myself and all I could think of was that woman freaking out on me like that in the middle of the street. Yes in the middle of the street. She didn't even ask me to pull over. Right there in the middle of the street we exchanged the wheel. With vehicles coming up behind us. I didn't feel that I'd know when I was ready anymore. My confidence was shot. I told dh that whenever he felt I was ready to let me know so that I can try again.

Thursday night he said, I think you are ready. We should go tomorrow.
I was a nervous wreck. All the insecurities came flooding back. And I told dh I'll try. He told me not to worry about it. That I can do it. He has been such a great tutor, I felt totally comfortable driving with him, despite warnings from others that letting family teach you to drive is usually the hardest thing.

So from 3mph in a parking lot (Yea a turtle would laugh at me) to 80mph on an interstate is how far I've come. And today I"m proud to say I finally have my license!

A little bit of freedom.

A personal accomplishment.

This is wonderful.

Of course I'm not just going to jump into the car whenever I wish, I"ll still be taking lessons, but I know that if there's somewhere close by that I need to go I wont have to wait until dh is on days off to get it done.

He will not have to be my cranky grocery shopping partner for too much longer! My husband hates going to the store. I can take them to the park! So many possiblilities.

It's so very exciting for me.

So come on wenches pop out the milk (champagne) and celebrate with me. It has been a long road.

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