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3am party

The husband and I had a wonderful talk. We talked for almost two hours. It was about everything and then some and now I feel refreshed like I've been swimming.....I even have the feeling of water in my nose. Weird I know.

He is my man. I want to make him my friend on the deepest level....Now if only we had more precious talk times like this together.

I'm a complicated being he thinks and he thought he knew me but realizes there's so much more under there. That should keep the challenge up right :)

This is good. Your karma went up love
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Married Single Parent

Right now I'm so mad I could chew on brick. I honestly would not choose to be a single parent and the fact that I didn't but is ending up being one every single day is making me want to flip a switch.
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I hate when this affects me so much. I've already been through a phase where it made me so mad for many months that I could feel my body turn sick green inside with anger. I eventually let it go completely and decided to accept being a single parent in he best way I could, until things would work out better. After all, one has to have hope that things will get better. It was working great......but there at times when the frustration of it all set in and I just do not want to accept that because it is not so and it makes me into an exploding poo ball.

I hate all the frustrations and the crying and how angry I am/get?

This is when I need a chillpill/more prayer/perspective etc. This is what will drive me to buy that bottle I've been thinking about getting for the past two years. Ugh then I wont drink it anyway. I have no taste for alcohol!!

Yes I'm extremely upset.

Journey out of this box ....

...of an apartment.

Last night we made an offer on a house.

We have looked at hundreds of homes online and about 15 open houses with our Realtor. We had a list and our (DH and me) top four were the same.

Our # 1 was the same so we discussed it and the house looks great and we made an offer. We are now waiting on the seller's response.

I'm exhausted and just drained. I should be excited...I think I feel that way, but I'm just blah.
I'm still a bit worried about the finances falling into place, but dh seems to think it will all work out.
We live in a box right now and would not invite anyone over as we have nothing to eat on or sit on and it's just too small, so we need to move and it's about time.

I've waited
four years...(lots more in away)....and suffered through huge debt (courtesy of the male) and finally it seems we'll have a home for our family. Space for the kids to play. Sigh.

At first there were some in office problems with the realtors, but we've gotten a really good/nice one and for that I thank God.

I would want more yard space and would have LOVED a cul-de-sac, but you gotta compromise sometime on some things....

I cannot wait to move! This is a dream ....about to come through.

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