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Journey out of this box ....

...of an apartment.

Last night we made an offer on a house.

We have looked at hundreds of homes online and about 15 open houses with our Realtor. We had a list and our (DH and me) top four were the same.

Our # 1 was the same so we discussed it and the house looks great and we made an offer. We are now waiting on the seller's response.

I'm exhausted and just drained. I should be excited...I think I feel that way, but I'm just blah.
I'm still a bit worried about the finances falling into place, but dh seems to think it will all work out.
We live in a box right now and would not invite anyone over as we have nothing to eat on or sit on and it's just too small, so we need to move and it's about time.

I've waited
four years...(lots more in away)....and suffered through huge debt (courtesy of the male) and finally it seems we'll have a home for our family. Space for the kids to play. Sigh.

At first there were some in office problems with the realtors, but we've gotten a really good/nice one and for that I thank God.

I would want more yard space and would have LOVED a cul-de-sac, but you gotta compromise sometime on some things....

I cannot wait to move! This is a dream ....about to come through.

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