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This is where I'll be from January 29 - Feb 10. We are going to visit Dh's brother and wife and son. We haven't seen them in forever.

They are in the Navy and are presently stationed in Hawaii and since the dh has already been to all 49 states, this just covers them all and what better time to go before they get stationed somewhere else again!

Hawaii.jpg nature image by lucielle_24

We'll be meeting up with another sister of his and her husband too for just a day as they are going to be there earlier than us and when they heard that we were coming, reschedule their flight to have an extra day to see us and the kids. They live in Alaska and we almost never see them either so this will be lovely to see them. However they wont be traveling with their kids so bummer. This will be their first time meeting my daughter V and second/third time with my son D.

I should be excited. I think I will be. I probably am but I have OS so it's hard for me to get fully excited about stuff.

We drive to Houston and then catch our flight out.

I must start packing soon and cleaning (don't like to leave my home dirty - it freaks me out). OCD.

I need to find a gift to bring. If I don't I'll feel like cwap.

These are the times when I wish so badly that I have a laptop....*wonders if the dh will take his work laptop- not the he ever lets me use it* Sigh.

I believe we'll be on the island of Oahu.

So this is why I haven't' been on much ....I've been so very busy with too much.

Break out da tankini! Oh wait...I don't have one.

C'est la vie


Perfected in mama's kitchen

First he rode this and had quite the fun.
Then our neighbor gave us this one that his son no longer needed (bless his heart). However he would not touch the pedals with his feet. He'd use his feet to propel him forward and backward at great speed, but I intended for him to find the joys of full on biking.
So he had to learn in my kitchen. He cried and cried and practiced and practiced and got rewarded with chocolate and within two days he got the hang of it. This was the kitchen in our apartment. It stops at the edge of that box. Really small space, but it did the job.
Now he is a pro :) You should see my baby go.
She is a spitfire and is already learning!

It's all you mama....(His best friend's bike. He left for India) It took awhile for him to ride it. He kept asking for his friend to come ride with him. He left sometime in July 08 and still my son asks for him. His mom says her son does the very same and doesn't like to play with others. He says they aren't like my D. He says my D wouldn't fight him or take his toys. Makes me teary.
Here's to celebrating you my baby.

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Oh to be fabulous!

¡Oh para ser fabuloso!

A cold and my sinuses make a very uncomfortable mixture. Everything in the having-a-cold-process becomes double worse. For instance, If I eat I can't breathe. I choose breathing. So for now I'm a tea hydrant and feeling green inside and out....think hulk...maybe.

However my new friend Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) happens to be thinking of me and thinks that I'm.....well my blog is fabulous and have given me an award to prove it. *Insert big grin here*. Thank you!

It's mine. *Me taking a moment to meld into the fabulousness*

Not that I want to give it up but I must follow the award rules and list five of my addictions and then pass it on to five more bloggers, which since it's 12am I'll just make it my Wordless Wednesday post.

My addictions:

I. The computer -
Yes it holds my family and friends that I can't get to see in a 30mins drive or even an hour's drive.

II. DCCM - Double chocolate chip muffins.
They are my treat. Now if only the husband would realize this and every now and then on his way home from work or errand pick me up a batch just because.
I get lost in a parking lot so I'm very happy that dh finally gave in and got me one.

IV. NCIS - I got involved in watching this show and well I'm hooked. I love me some Gibbs...and Abby..and Mcgee....and Ziva...and Tony. Ok I just love the show. I guess I should mention Kate too huh.

V. My camera - It occurred to me that the sun will rise every morning and set every evening and still it will be different. And so I point and shoot. Now if only I was very good at the pointing. I hope to patent one to wear on the head so you can capture all those fleeting moments of joy/living that my children presents with word command or is there one already?

And the pickings :D

Sharon -As seen on the bathroom wall
Felicia - Go Graham Go
Amy - Thoughts from the Mrs
Tyne - The White House
Krissy - Barefoot Mommies

Do your thing while I go off to revel in fabulosity. :)

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Oy yai Yoi - I'm it!

Retro housewife Meg from Overdosing on Nostalgia tagged me and so here I go. Rules are below.

My first trip to Alaska in 2006 was our vacation which we spent with my SIL and her family. My son was about 15months old and this was his first puddle play. I was not there at the time. He was with his father and I am glad I wasn't there or I might have deprived him of this natural instinctive and very fun play because the water is dirty and outside was cold! He had a great time splishy splashy.

Of course I have follow up photos of him stomping and the aftermath but I must follow the rules:

1.Go to your documents

2. Go to your 6th file.

3.Go to your 6th picture.

4. Blog about it.

5. Tag 6 friends to do the same.

And the six are:

Kyla @ The Hellion's mom
Marie @ Into The Dragon's Lair
Melony @ Tails To Toddlerhood
Renee @ Seeking My Avalon
April @ Let Them All Eat Cake
Kerri at Desperately Seeking Sanity ( I know Meg already snagged you so don't worry I'll just come read yours :)


Journey home for Christmas


On our drive from Louisiana to Arizona to spend Christmas with family, we drove through Texas. It's a long way through Texas, but there was something beautiful in Texas. God's beauty. I enjoyed this and just looking at this photo I can almost feel the warmth of the sun on my face.
We drove all day into morning to get there in time for Christmas. We experienced quite a change in weather during this trip.

Almost there...

Welcome home son.
...yeah it's been awhile.

...We made it.

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Got caught in da net

I must give Seven weird random facts about me and fish hook others to do the same because I was tagged by Jewels

It's on!

1. I want to drive a lamborghini at more than 100mph at some point in my life. Yes I love hot rides

2. I am a bookworm...I read alot...everything.

3. I love to sketch. I want to sketch all the people in my family one day and give them as gifts.

4. I want five children. I already have two. I intend to adopt two more and have one from my womb

5. I love my inlaws

6. I don't like all that sloppy gook icing on my cake. I just like cake...maybe a film of icing but not a whole slop gook.

7. I write stories in my head. I get bored/overwhelmed putting it on paper and only tried 3 times and have stopped since.

And I'll hook seven others: Zap! :D Stina , Kerri , Kyla , Renee , Mel ,
Marie , April

Now for the rules:

• Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules in your post.

• Share seven random/weird facts about yourself.

• Tag seven random people and link to their blogs.

• Let each person know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment in their blog.


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