Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. Cyril Connolly (1903 - 1974)


Oh to be fabulous!

¡Oh para ser fabuloso!

A cold and my sinuses make a very uncomfortable mixture. Everything in the having-a-cold-process becomes double worse. For instance, If I eat I can't breathe. I choose breathing. So for now I'm a tea hydrant and feeling green inside and out....think hulk...maybe.

However my new friend Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) happens to be thinking of me and thinks that I'm.....well my blog is fabulous and have given me an award to prove it. *Insert big grin here*. Thank you!

It's mine. *Me taking a moment to meld into the fabulousness*

Not that I want to give it up but I must follow the award rules and list five of my addictions and then pass it on to five more bloggers, which since it's 12am I'll just make it my Wordless Wednesday post.

My addictions:

I. The computer -
Yes it holds my family and friends that I can't get to see in a 30mins drive or even an hour's drive.

II. DCCM - Double chocolate chip muffins.
They are my treat. Now if only the husband would realize this and every now and then on his way home from work or errand pick me up a batch just because.
I get lost in a parking lot so I'm very happy that dh finally gave in and got me one.

IV. NCIS - I got involved in watching this show and well I'm hooked. I love me some Gibbs...and Abby..and Mcgee....and Ziva...and Tony. Ok I just love the show. I guess I should mention Kate too huh.

V. My camera - It occurred to me that the sun will rise every morning and set every evening and still it will be different. And so I point and shoot. Now if only I was very good at the pointing. I hope to patent one to wear on the head so you can capture all those fleeting moments of joy/living that my children presents with word command or is there one already?

And the pickings :D

Sharon -As seen on the bathroom wall
Felicia - Go Graham Go
Amy - Thoughts from the Mrs
Tyne - The White House
Krissy - Barefoot Mommies

Do your thing while I go off to revel in fabulosity. :)

And check out Wordless Wednesday HQ


  1. OH no!! I've been tagged again! LOL! I wonder if I can just list my addictions again? LOL!!

    Oh .. I do hope you are feeling better soon! It is so miserable not being able to breathe!!

    God bless you!

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of me. :) I'll post this up as soon as I can and share the love.

  3. Oh, I so hope you start feeling better soon. I love your list of addictions. I almost posted my GPS as one of my addictions too. I can get lost going downtown without it!

  4. I hope that you feel better! Do you think your hubby could bring me some of those chocolate muffins too? They're looking really good right now! And, the GPS thing-I totally empathize. I have to ask for directions to pretty much everywhere I go. My friends and family and hubby always make fun of me for it-LOL.

  5. Thanks soooo much! What a treat, it is great that someone thinks I am fabulous... I really needed that encouragement today!

  6. i found the lavendar oil at GNC .. i think?

  7. Hope you are feeling some better now. Thanks for the caring comment!

  8. ooooo.. i love the new photo in the header!!

  9. If you get a chance, you should blog about your me time experience ( a bonus is that you get 5 additional entries to use anyway you like when you link to GGG and JM!)

    I know what you mean about having just ME time! I struggle with that too. Sometimes it feels like everyone needs me all the time!! I guess that's why I'm only able to squeeze in the 15 min bath!!

  10. Hey, there. I followed your link from Christian Children's Book Review. You have such a beautiful family!! Just wanted to say "Hi!" and thanks for visiting CCBR. :)

  11. i can understand not wanting to just write words! Wow.. bless your heart.. you NEED some you time! You are absolutely right! It does help you be a better wife and mom! Even if your ME time is doing your quiet time with God. I can't think of a better ME time!

    I hope you get some time to yourself soon!

  12. Im not sure what your email is so im contacting you on here. YOU WON ON BAREFOOT MOMMIES! You won the One Less Plastic Bag Mommy & Me Set!! Please email us back in 48 hours with your Address.

    (Please Put OLPB WINNER in the subject line)

  13. Any time with God is replenishing isn't it?!! I am so thankful for my heavenly father!!

  14. I know what you mean! It is so much more difficult to stay organized when you have kids! I used to be so organized...what happened!!


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