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Perfected in mama's kitchen

First he rode this and had quite the fun.
Then our neighbor gave us this one that his son no longer needed (bless his heart). However he would not touch the pedals with his feet. He'd use his feet to propel him forward and backward at great speed, but I intended for him to find the joys of full on biking.
So he had to learn in my kitchen. He cried and cried and practiced and practiced and got rewarded with chocolate and within two days he got the hang of it. This was the kitchen in our apartment. It stops at the edge of that box. Really small space, but it did the job.
Now he is a pro :) You should see my baby go.
She is a spitfire and is already learning!

It's all you mama....(His best friend's bike. He left for India) It took awhile for him to ride it. He kept asking for his friend to come ride with him. He left sometime in July 08 and still my son asks for him. His mom says her son does the very same and doesn't like to play with others. He says they aren't like my D. He says my D wouldn't fight him or take his toys. Makes me teary.
Here's to celebrating you my baby.

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  1. Ahh, so cute! I remember my nephew, it took him a long time with a lot of crying episodes before he was able to ride his bike :)

  2. Such fun. And such acheivements!

  3. Oh my goodness.. these pictures are awesome!! I've got to get Graham a ride on!

  4. Great pictures! Looks like a good time!

  5. happy ww. I love your banner photo.

  6. Adorable kids, they look so happy! :-)

  7. LOL! He is a go getter..looks like they are having a blast...Cute kids....

  8. Wonderful pictures, I am glad I found another JAMERICAN MON!'

    Must link you to my blog..I love it


  9. Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments with us. My niece and nephews have a bike like this too and until now they are using their legs to move forward and backward. Time to get them to ride the bike the correct way. :)

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  10. Do you suggest a certain kind of trike??

  11. You're little one is adorable. My son wouldn't use the peddles either when he got his first "ride on" toy bike. He always preferred to push with his feet on the ground. After a while he got the point, but he never liked them on that toy. When he got a real bike... he loved that. Sadly (for me) my little one is now the age (17) where he wants a motor on it, in order to ride it.

  12. I love that line "Here's to celebrating you my baby." Just fills my heart!

  13. What a great group of pictures that tell a story. BTW.... I love your new picture. So peaceful looking.

  14. Thank you for those links! Those look like awesome trikes.. pricey.. but cool!


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