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Today should be the worst... of my period when I'm doubled over in pain, but I woke up earlier and popped two pills before the pain started. THANK GOD!

I went out to lunch with a friend from bible study. She was cool. I could tell she wanted to hang and wasn't rushing. That definitely made me feel relaxed.
It was fun. So different from my routine of being home all day.

The kids should be up soon and I'm doing dinner and eating chocolate and OMGM (Oh my girly mouse) I can't stop moaning. I CANNOT believe chocolates can tastes so good. OMGM *MOAN*

I"ll have to buy boxes and boxes of this *moan*


There's more but that's all for now.

Oh I gotta worry about dinner.....I don't want the man to come home and not have dinner or I"ll feel like crap,.

Oh and the "Moan*

It's a box of Whitman's sampler! Oooh


  1. LOL!!!! I LOVE chocolate.. doesn't matter what time of the month!

  2. LOL, I like chocolate but this "sexy" chocolate picture is kind of more scary than alluring! :)

  3. Yummmmmmm.
    I can't decide which looks more yummy though :)

  4. I have to say...i think i ♥ chocolate more than you!!! seriously!

    By the way...thanks for entering my Cherish Bound business giveaway! Good luck!

  5. ok....I am sure the chocolate is great...but that guy is pretty good too.....LOL!
    I have to stay away from chocolate. Once started I can't stop....

  6. oh, I like this pic of a "chocolate guy" :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Good luck to you and your beautiful family!

  7. I was coming over here to comment and Graham saw the chocolate on the screen and said, "Bite"!

  8. Graham is sick :( Poor little fellow! Don't you want to give him some chocolate? :(

  9. Oh my gosh that picture is almost X-rated!! :)

  10. Yummy! I hope you feel better!

  11. YUM-MEEEE!!

    I was also wondering, is that your house in the photo on your header! That is beautiful!

  12. Yes! You can share the cookies with me!!!!!

  13. Well.. i think you will manage just find with your daughter and not knowing all the make up tips!!! You both are such natural beauties.. who needs make up!!?

  14. I hope your week is a little bit easier each day! I just said a prayer of peace, comfort, and strength for you! Our God is an awesome God!

  15. Yikes! I am hungry and I should not be looking at chocolate right now :)

    My doctor actually had me start doing just what you described - take 2 Aleve the minute I can tell I started - and then take the regular dose every 8 hours like clockwork for the next 24 hours. Aleve actually stops the "contractions", not just covers up the pain, so I bleed less, too! Hope that's not TMI for having just met you!

  16. LOL.
    What a waste of chocolate on that guys fingers! lol

  17. That is the funniest picture I have seen all day. Thanks for stopping by my blog party. I too think about Jesus' return often. Oh, and we're reading the Love and Respect book too. We're not too far into right now.
    Love the pictures from Hawaii!


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