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California trip

Chronicle of our trip to CA to visit with my dear sister-in-law and brother-in-law and their children. I'm so glad I got to see them again as SIL and I had only met for a brief period during or Christmas trip visit to see the grandparents. Like then too, our trip this time was just too short. It seems the SIL and me are twins from a former life :)

We hang out on the phone now and online and well I could never ask for a better sister.

The husband came home from work and we loaded up and began our journey for the long drive to CA. After planning all the $$$ we realized that it was alot cheaper to drive. We had to do this all in six days!

On our way out of town we stopped at a TEA party for a few minutes and then left.

We drove all night, day and finally arrived around 8pm Thursday night.
We got to spend three days plus together just hanging out and stuff.
SIL took me to a Jamaican restaurant and I got to taste some of my country's cooking once again! I seriously need to go visit my mom again so that I can get fueled up!

We left early Monday for home with a detour to Tuscan to meet up with the grandparents and another BIL. The grandparents drove all the way from Happy Jack! I'm so glad we could meet! It's so hard to get to see each other because everyone lives so far away.

We went to one of my favorite restaurants - Olive Gardens! I LOVE that place and I get to love it even more because I only get to go once a year or less! The food is heavenly!

We took tons of photos from the Zoo and the San Diego Wild Animal park. The park is awesome! If we lived there I'd go numerous times because there is NO WAY you can see it all in one go.

We arrived home Tuesday night at around 8pm and just in time for dh to get some rest for work on Wednesday!

A few photos of our trip. You can click the images for a better view.

A bit too close for comfort. My son walking towards uncle G and his daughter.

Can you tell baby is holding on for dear life?

The girls

Lets give some love

I got your back mommy

I see you too....
Thank God for zoos and Wild Animal parks!
And they're out!

We got tons of photos. I'll have to load them to a photo place for the family. We had a good time on our trip and can't wait to do it again and hopefully much longer time next time!

Now to throw another pin on the map....

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  1. Oh.. it looks like you all had so much fun!!! You kids are so beautiful!!!!!

  2. You got pretty babies! :)

    Looks like a great trip and so glad you had a good time getting to know your SIL!

  3. It looks like you guys had a blast! As always, your pictures are beautiful and your kids-too beautiful for words! The last pic is so sweet!

  4. That last picture is my favorite!

    (Where do you LIVE??! No Olive Garden? ;-))

  5. LOL on them bringing the beach ball inside!!

  6. So glad that you're back! I missed you!

    It seems like you had a great time, and I love the photo of the kids asleep in the car. I can't believe your hubby went to work the next day after you got home!

    I'm happy to know you had a wonderful time, hanging out with family.

  7. Beautiful pics! This is my first visit to your site.

  8. Isn't it wonderful to be with family! Such great photos of your trip. Looks like you had a great time.

    God's Shining Stars

  9. ah, looks like you had a fabulous trip. isn't so nice to spend time with family?? we have a california crew too :)

  10. What a great time! I just love the photos. We lived in San Diego for a few years, and the Zoo and Wild Animal Park were the BEST part about living there :)

    So glad you all had a great time.

  11. What beautiful photos! Looks like an amazing trip!

  12. Yes.. he definitely is a little to close to the edge in that one pic!

  13. Those cliffs near the ocean are BEAUTIFUL:...
    I know how you feel about being near the edge though...any time we ever go places like that, I can't stand the idea of my family near the really freaks me out. Doesn't help that I am afraid of heights..

  14. Those cliff photos are scary! But this looks like an amazingly fun trip...

  15. glad you had an awesome trip. our zoo, the tulsa zoo, borrowed san diego's koalas a couple years ago. it was neat to see them.


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