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I Like Animals / Me gustan los animales DVD and t-shirts from Boca Beth Giveaway


Music Monday with Free Bilingual Song Download and Giveaway for Children from Boca Beth

Enjoy this FREE download of one of our biggest bilingual children’s hits titled I Know the Days of the Week / Yo sé los días de la semana

Simply click the title of the song above, and have fun introducing Spanish and English to the young children in your life!

Want to win the DVD that has the music video of this song (PLUS 7 other songs on it) PLUS two Boca Beth bilingual t-shirts?!?!? Head over to Boca Beth to enter.


Win the I Like Animals / Me gustan los animales DVD from Boca Beth PLUS one children’s and one adult Boca Beth t-shirt (the same shirts that were worn during the filming of some of the music videos!)

Contest ends Monday, June 15th at 5 pm EST. Winner chosen via random drawing.

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