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This mother needs your help!

Please help my family kick cancers ass!

I don’t even know where to start this post…its going to be hard to write, as I am already choking back tears and haven’t finished the first sentence. I am taking some hours away from the hospital, to write this and to try to clear my head.

As many of you know my youngest son was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) 2 days ago, the day my world fell out from under me.

We took him to the Dr. the other day because he was bitten by either a spider or a tick. Shortly after we noticed the bites we saw he wasn’t feeling well, kind of lethargic, and not eating much, he also was limping in one leg. I assumed he was having a reaction from the bites.

Read Ezra Story.

Ezra has a blog, Called For Ezra
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Visit his mom's blog Manic Mother.

You will fall in love with Ezra and his family. Please offer your support.

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  1. (Don't scare me like that! This popped up in my reader, and I thought it was YOUR baby that was sick!!!)

    Praying for this sweet family!!!


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