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Life's detour: A visit with my sister-in-law

I've been missing from blogging for about a week and some. I had very good reason. I had family visiting for too short awhile.

I have a sister-in-law who came all the way from San Diego with her youngest daughter to visit with us. It was a very fun , relaxing, go-at-our-own-pace, adventurous time together. My husband was on call so he wasn't available to chauffeur us around as he usually does, so I had to take the reigns on the carriage - in our case - 3/4 ton pick up truck (which I love) and hit the road so that my SIL could get to enjoy her stay and get a feel of our little cajun corner.

This sister in law is good for my soul. We talk almost every day on the phone and so she has become a confidant. If you know me, you'll know that this is very rare I find someone to confide in.

Our first few days were spent going to the store, the zoo and to Avery Island, where we stopped at the famous Tabasco farm.

Lets talk about the zoo shall we. It was a good visit for her as she got to see animals up close that she wouldn't have in her really vast San Diego zoo. I thought that was cool as at first I thought she might think our zoo pathetic because hers is so huge and filled with all sorts of animals etc. However it was a Louisiana day - hot, humid, animal stench and miserable. Did I mentioned that it rained. I'm so very glad that it rained as it cooled the temperature down somewhat. We got caught in the rain and it was fun dancing with an umbrella to and from to get everyone in the truck and home for rest and bath. Just a few minutes and the water was more than ankle high!

It was good for me. I've never driven to that zoo alone and I've lived here for five years now, but still the jitters of being a new driver keeps me in and around familiar places. Now I know that I can go to the zoo (preferably in spring, winter) and take my kids.

After church on Sunday we went to Avery Island where we did a little tour on how they make the famous Tabasco sauces, sampled some products, souvenir shopped and drove around the gardens where my SIL got to see alligators and other interesting wildlife. She was very excited as a few of her friends has told her that she wouldn't see any. Avery island is a very interesting place, I think I'd like to go back when it's much cooler.
We also went to New Orleans - 3 hours away! Something you'd never catch me doing, or I'd tell myself I couldn't do that because what if??? etc. She wanted to see Bourbon Street and the French Quarter and so one morning we got up, got our GPS and off we went with our kids. I can't believe she allowed ME to drive her!
It was nerve-wracking (like all the bones or whatever holds up my neck, let me know they were holding up my neck) and exciting to know that I could actually do that. Of course while in NO we did the tourist-turtle-movement-on-the-street so she could take photos and just look around at a place she has seen constantly on t.v. but not in real life. Yes it was her first time visiting Louisiana. I'm glad she came too as Louisiana isn't marketed well to tourists or people in general. They believe all we have here are alligators and hurricanes and most people go somewhere else instead.

We parked and walked down some of the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. I actually parked on a small side street in New Orleans! I used to freak when I see the husband driving in these tiny streets and yet here I was.

Back home in Lafayette, I tried to find her cajun foods to enjoy and found this really nice restaurant that had music and a dance floor. We had dinner and dancing with the kids, it was wonderful. I'm surprised that my dh hasn't taken me to this place knowing that I love dancing. Maybe he needs some nudging ja? If he only knows how easy I am to please.

The kids had a blast dancing and this is where my sister's daughter Ellie, took her very first steps! Gosh it was adorable and since then she has been practicing. It's precious to share this with her. Yay for cajun music!
Another milestone down....

I don't drive at night, the glare of headlights make me panic and I fear driving off the road. However while my sister-in-law was here, a few times I drove her around at night. These are the nights we went to dinner late etc. It was quite interesting. I kept up to speed limit and I didn't panic at all. I am actually very proud of myself for these little accomplishments.

She flew home on July 2nd, the same day dh got off for a few days and my appointment in New Orleans. It would have been great if she could have accompany us.
It was a great time just hanging out with her and our children and I look forward to doing it again.

I think it's my turn to go visit her again now though....:)

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  1. I'm SOO GLAD you had SOOOO much fun!!! And you got to get out! I'm up for driving anywhere, anytime. I drove as a sales rep/manager for years and years. I'm never happier than behind the wheel. If you get desperate, we'll come visit and drive you anywhere! lol

  2. That's awesome! You got some great pics! I'd love to go there someday... DH would love the Tabasco tour, and my oldest son would freak over being able to see so many alligators!

  3. I had been wondering about you! What a wonderful visit. And yay for you being so brave! I feel for women who have a fear of driving, especially when they are military spouses so often living in new places. It can really limit our freedom and make you feel even more isolated than you are. I hope this is the beginning of more adventures to come!

  4. Wow! what a busy time!!


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