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A Little Piece of Happy - Trident Campaign

Trident has just launched the new 'A Little Piece Of Happy" campaign. In their new campaign, Trident has released a few very interesting video clips that portray situations that make people happy. The videos leave you smiling so don't forget to share with family and friends because even through these tough times, chewing a piece of Trident gum is like experiencing “a little piece of happy.” It will remind you that a little piece of happiness is always waiting, whenever you need it.

My two favorite of their five commercials are below. You can click the link to see the others and enter their sweepstakes and also sign up for a $1 coupon.

See more of these fun videos HERE

Also check out their other site for more fun all in one place!

Trident is ADA approved and you know chewing helps with fresh breath which should make you and everyone else happy so grab your little piece of happy!:)

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