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A delicious first: A Thousand Words Thursday!

This was his very first ice cream cone, and this was on our cruise. He made a mess! lol I didn't mind. (Of course I still wiped it all up with paper towels)

He loved it! And kept wanting more and more and well the next day he did get another :)

I love ice cream cones and don't care for it in bowls. There is such innocence and fun in getting a cone to lick and just be messy if necessary. Which reminds me I need to buy cones and I need a good ice cream scoop.

Happy Thursday - And it's hot so why not get a cone with goodness on top :)

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Cheaper Than Therapy

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  1. How cute! It's always fun to see how they're going to do w/ their first cone!!!

  2. Great pictures!I have never heard of "A thousand words Thurday" until I visited your site. Thank you for posting the other link, I will hop over to their site too.

  3. An ice cream cone sounds so good - it has been so hot here! I like them in cones too, but there is always that fear that the ice cream will fall off!

    He is so cute, and obviously enjoying his ice cream. They are messy, but who cares, right? LOL

  4. So cute! :) Hope you are well friend! It's been awhile since I've commented lately! I'm going to try to be better again! Summer took my life away! :)

  5. What a nice blog! And such a handsome young man. My toddler is like you in that he ONLY likes ice cream in the cones.


  6. LOL!! He really did enjoy that huh?! I hate the mess, so I prefer the bowl... I'll settle for a waffle bowl though! =)

  7. That was his first ice cream cone? I think my kids come out of my womb craving ice cream cones b/c I ate so many of them when I was pregnant. :) Where did you go on your cruise?

  8. Yes, I think an ice cream cone is exactly what I need!!! :) What a cutie he is!

  9. Well looks like he managed to keep the mess of his clothes, so I'd say he did a really great job of handling his first cone. What a cutie!

  10. I love the messy cones as long as we are outside. I have not given my youngest one yet but it is coming.

    The power wheel came from Target. It is for up to 40 lbs and cost about $65. My little one loves it but it doesn't go very fast.

  11. This is so cute : ) I love it. And I ADORE the picture you have in your profile that pops up when you leave comments. That is so pretty. It made click on it and visit you today from Alicia's page. Sensationally sweet!

  12. Lovely photos! Your little boy is so cute.


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