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A few days ago was our 5th wedding anniversary. I was not sure what was going to happen on this day that is supposed to be very special to us as a couple. Things have been on edge so much with us as a couple that I fear I was shutting down and would make some sort of rash decision following the raw words that spilled from me in anger during a recurring argument.

I actually was praying so much during this time too for God to get about doing something for this institution that he values that involves us, while plotting my revenge in getting a steam mop if the man didn't acknowledge our day in some form.
A steam mop you say? Yes. It would help in cleaning my floors and I love when my floors are clean because if they aren't, I begin to feel anxious and will think on all the sorts of germs that must be floating around etc.
While it seems necessary. I realize that cleaning with a bucket and mop is just the same cleaning and would give me plenty exercise just the same...just that a steam mop would be quicker and more efficient I think.

It might not seem like a bad thing, but to plot in my heart to do it as revenge is wrong. Usually we discuss any purchase except for necessary groceries.

Our special day rolled around and the man acknowledged (not that I had to wait for him to do it, but I think I was just still so hurt and frustrated with so much) and even asked me what I wanted to do! I had nothing in mind. I said I wanted to watch Julia Julia since I've wanted to (but rather with girlfriends, since I didn't think it was a man movie).

We did go and see Julia Julia - very fun movie and it reminds me of the passion I used to have for cooking. Now I cook because I have to. I want to get out of that zone and return to my passion.

After that we went to IHOP (a luxury as we dont ever go, maybe once a year??? if that) with the kids for dinner. The kids go everywhere with us. I dont mind, but I've been yearning for a vacation for just the husband and me.

And the kids were free to eat at IHOP! Woot! I think they are having some sort of promotion.

After that we went home and kids in bed, we had a heart to heart talk. That was the best part because we comfort each other somehow in being able to just talk and let it all out. The tension left our home that night....

Thank you for all who have been praying for us. I do appreciate it.
Of course we realize we can't just let things keep going back. We have decided to try counselling, we think we can learn and anything to strengthen our marriage right? However it's not financially viable right now, so it's on our to do list.

He is a good man.

So here's to us! and to more years filled with fruitful living.
I don't mind entering a captcha when entering giveaways or just a comment on a blog. However I just started noticing this new comment form on blogger that is not fun at all.
You will enter your comment and instead of the captcha being there to enter at the same time, it comes after you click enter. And if you didn't expect it. You might close the page and didn't realize that you comment didn't go through at all! I found that out by this happening to me. It just would be nice if the captcha is right there below the comments so you can enter it at the same time.
I hope this isn't happening on my blog. I did test it out, so I don't think so.

Thursday night I was supposed to go to an ABBA/ mamma mia party/get together at a friend from our bible study/small group, but the weather got so terrible on our side that my pickup and I decided it was best not to venture out.

This was exciting for me because I've never been out like this before with girls and at night to boot!
I hope she doesn't think I'm disappointed. She keeps apologizing. She is such a dear. I think with all the thunder and lightning swishing about, it was just not a good idea, plus I was so stress from doing the potty training thing all day with no results except pee.
So tomorrow I'll be blasting anything Abba from my speakers. :) 'see that girl, watch that scene, she is the dancing queen'
I think the music will lessen the stress which I'm sure will rear it's ugly head again tomorrow. DV
Thursday was day two of the girl not pooping in the potty. She is one that poops two or three times a day! So I know she is keeping it in. I know the minute she is comfortable in a diaper, she'll let loose. I will not be happy, so it's all out monitoring in getting her to go #2 in the potty.

Lord, I need chocolate! Specifically Mauna Lua macadamia nuts chocolate.

Thanking God for another day....

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  1. I just hate that captcha form that you mentioned too. Honestly, I think I've only been seeing that in the last few weeks or so but I can't stand it!

    Happy Anniversary! I know there are tough times. We've had some pretty rocky moments ourselves.

    Big hugs to you!!! (and chocolate) :)


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