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My Firefox

I used to use IE. It used to be a huge problem. It would just crash and I lose all my stuff. Someone introduced me to Firefox and I've been hooked ever since. I don't mind the updates that they send out too as I think these are necessary.

I mean Firefox is just fire...or should I say da bomb? :)

Anyway a few days ago they had an upgrade to 3.5.2 from 3.0.10 or something like that. I was so excited. I updated my oldie.

Then I realize that my mouse wasn't doing the select copy paste thing anymore. I rebooted and tried again. Nothing! nada!

So I went to IE to see if it would work there and hello! No IE. It seems the new upgrade of Firefox does not work with that is for IE. So I couldn't load IE.

Oh no way! Dh loves that one. That's the only thing he uses. It has to work with IE.

Of course I notice so many other little things that weren't working either so I went and downgrade back to my older version of Firefox. I'm sooo disappointed but I just have to deal until they fix those problems.

Anyway I will still tell anyone to go use Firefox, they are so cool!

Click here for all the good stuff on MOZILLA Firefox.

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  1. Firefox is the only thing we have used for years...Love it!! Hope your having a great summer!

  2. I started using fire fox a few months ago and love it. I have not done the upgrade because I am always afraid of upgrades. I always say why mess with what isn't broken. LOL...

  3. I love firefox. I'll never go back to IE. It's super slow! Also you should search add ons for Firefox and download the stumble one. It's super fun :)


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