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POND'S Wet Cleansing Towelettes Review

It is summer. It is hot! hot! hot! and in our case, humid here in LA. If I can keep my face and neck and underarm cool, I feel I'm in heaven..well almost. You really have to come to LA to feel the hot, muggy, sticky, ick that is here in the summer and our summers last longer than any other state!...wait except Phoenix (Not a state).

So anyway I have these towelettes from POND'S that are great for my situation. They are made to remove makeup. Yes waterproof makeup too! They work really well in removing my makeup. I like that if I don't feel like go washing my face just then, I can just use the towelettes to take the make up off, while I rest my feet.
But I use them for other things too, like cleaning my face after a hot day...oh and neck and underarms. I like to tip cold water or put one in the fridge for a few minutes, for resting on my forehead after a long day that may end in a headache.
I even use them to clean my kids faces, but I didn't like that they were disappearing so quickly, so I have become selfish with the few that I have left!
Sorry kids.

I like that they are just moist enough without being too wet and that the scent isn't overpowering. My sinuses will not agree with anything that has a strong scent. As a matter a fact that was my first concern before I opened the package sent to me to for review.

It's nice to switch from using baby wipes to using the POND'S Wet Cleansing Towelettes to clean my face.
These are definitely something I will purchase in the future. Not too expensive and does what it says it will.

These towelettes also come in a cute little container that you can re-close so the towelettes stay moist and not dry out. Very essential.

Here is more information from POND'S:


POND’S Wet Cleansing Towelettes, the No. 1 brand of wet cleansing towelettes, gently remove make-up and even waterproof mascara. Clinical studies have shown that Pond’s towelettes remove the make-up that other brands leave behind – taking off up to 40 percent more than other leading towelettes.

Available in three varieties, they are ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested for a gentle face cleansing experience. POND’S Wet Cleansing Towelettes will launch new premium packaging that showcases the elegant pouch design.

  • More effective at removing make-up than any other leading towelette
  • Contains Triple Tea Antioxidant Complex, Vitamin E and Chamomile
  • Luxuriously quilted cloths with a unique diamond texture allow for a deep clean without leaving any residue behind

New boot packages will be on shelves between May and July 2009.

SRP: $4.79 to $5.07 (30/pack)

Check out this video for some really cool summer beauty tips:

• Get more information on the Pond’s money-back

• Find summer beauty tips

• Download coupons for free Pond’s Wet Cleansing
Towelettes and find proprietary Pond’s research for an in-depth explanation of the science behind the Pond’s exclusive cleansing system
So grab the coupon and go get a pack of these cleansing towelettes and share your thoughts!

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  1. I'm like you in that I need a very gentle scent. These look very nice and I like the packaging. I'll look for them! Thanks!

  2. I'm thinking of getting the anti-aging pack.


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