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Scoop From Kiwi


You must check out Kiwi website and magazine. They have such practical and great ideas for every day life that includes taking care of the environment and using products that are made naturally.

Prang Fun Pro Soybean Crayons
Looking for an inexpensive crayon your kids will love? At $1 for a pack of eight, Prang Fun Pro Soybean Crayons are both budget-friendly and good for the planet. They’re made from soybean oil and natural pigments instead of petroleum, earning them an A+. ($1,

Pack a Waste-free lunch

Forget brown bags—there are plenty of earth-friendly options when it comes to packing school lunch. First, choose reusable containers over things like plastic wrap, baggies, or paper sacks (this goes for beverages, too: Nix juice boxes or plastic bottles in favor of a reusable one). Further, when a meal needs utensils, opt for real forks, knives, and spoons instead of their disposable counterparts. And pick a reusable lunch box rather than paper bags—let your kid pick hers out so she’ll love carrying it. Find more green back-to-school tips at

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  1. Looking forward to checking out Kiwi and good suggestions on the other things. I would add, use glass as much as possible as plastic tends to leach harmful chemicals into your food. I use wax paper bags instead of plastic baggies and then I can also recycle them! Headed to Kiwi!!

  2. I totally agree. Thank you for adding these too Robynn.

  3. I try to use as mant as possible reusable things in the lunchboxes as possible. Make a bit more dishes, but I think it's totally worth it. Thanks for coming over to my blog today. We are very excited for out new adventure, we are planning to keep the property for many years.

  4. Great ideas, I haven't seen soy crayons before, love the lunch box idea. Happy WW

  5. I subscribe to it and love it!

  6. I so need the lesson on the juice boxes. My kids just love them, the same juice from a container is just not the same in their heads. Someday I will get that out of them. LOL...


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