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Monday Mingle: Best Vacation and Why

Welcome to Monday Mingle for September 7th! If you'd like to join in the fun, do a short vlog on your blog, post the above button on your site and link up on the linky at Eighty MPH Mom. Visit the other participants, learn about them and have fun! Trust me, if I can do it, then you can. Look down there at the amateur :) Come on jump in!

As usual I'm live and raw and nervous, but I'm forging ahead and not shying out of this fun. Maybe practice will make perfect and I'll be an anchor someday :) What? don't laugh.

This week Jennifer has questions you can choose from to answer so head over and vlog you and share so we can come visit with you.

If you want to read more about my Hawaii trip, just click this link.

lata amigos!

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  • I loved watching your video. You seem so happy. I'm sure the people around you feel energized after spending time with you.

    I definitely have Hawaii on my must visit list.
  • this is a cute initiative! And talk about Hawaii... I've never been there myself..but i bet it was awesome!.. and helicopters you say?!?.. scaaaaaaaarry!!! Happy Belated Labor Day!Oh and you may want to stop by check the randomness going on!
  • It's so hard to describe Hawaii. There's just so much to see and do and you wont get it all done or even the highlights. It was awesome! Like a dream to see such beauty.

    Oh and yes I brave the helicopter and kept wondering what I'd do if it crashed and how to shield my baby..what to put on first etc etc. I was abit nervous about it. I kept thinking of ways to survive!

    I do the same thing in planes as I tend to think my flight will be the one to go.

    I know..I'm just paranoid.

    I'm coming to check out the randomness :)

  • You did a great job! You're so pretty!!

    We lived in Hawaii in 2001! My sister and her family live there. We lived on Oahu, right by Diamond Head! We were five minutes from Waikiki (Kapahulu). One of the best places to raise children!
  • Thank you Alicia. Your kind words means alot. I'm still thinking on them, especially the pretty part, since I've never really thought of that word and me in the same sentence. .

    So you know what I mean about wanting to live in Hawaii! But oh the cost of living there!

  • You just seem to happy - and you make me smile and smile again! I love your vlogs! Your trip to Hawaii sounds amazing. We went when I was 18 years old and I absolutely loved it. I would love to take my hubby there, but he won't fly, so that is going to be difficult LOL.

    Thank you so much for mingling again - you are a doll!
  • Thanks Jen. The trip was great! I hope we do get to go again and visit one of the other islands.
    How long did you spend there when you went?

    I seriously hope your hubby gives in and go! The flight is a challenge. I scare myself thinking of all the things that can go wrong and a million different ways to save my kids if something happen! I like it better if I fall asleep, but you can't really do that when you have kids in your lap.

    I love mingling, plus I'm challenging myself to do things I don't normally do out of my comfort zone.

    09/09/09 - Cute huh? :) lata

  • I loved hearing about your Hawai'i trip! My husband just went not long ago...he had a blast. I'm looking forward to going with him next year for sure :) The cost of living there is outrageous though.

    You have such a radiant personality!! I enjoy your mingles :)
  • I hope you do get to go next year! you will have a blast too! Indeed the cost of living is outrageous or I think we'd move there in a throb!

    Thank you mami :)

    I hope you and Charlie feel better soon. My little ones ae just recovering.

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