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WW: Our amazing first experience!

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I saw him and hollered for the kids! We were all so excited. It was right on the door and it was awesome to just sit there and watch it move. I've never gotten the opportunity to see one of them like this so up close and personal so I was just snapping away. The kids loved it! I even have  a little video of it moving across and up. it is ever so slow, but we had time.

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It went all the way across and then up.

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  1. That is the coolest! I'm glad it went slow enough for you to capture it!

  2. What great photos... I probably would have screamed myself, but it's nice that you can see the beauty in insects !

  3. This is the second katidid I've seen on a WW recently! Miranda had one up last week (

  4. Okay I would have screamed and ran for the hills but I am a freak that way. The pictures are great but creepy to me. :0)

  5. Awesome photography! Happy WW!

  6. Whoa!! That thing is HUGE!!

  7. My kids brought in a katydid the other day -- but it must have been a baby because it wasn't as big as this one. Love the photos!

  8. Wow it looks so big! How cool that it hung around long enough for you to get pictures. Hey maybe it wanted it's 15 minutes of fame :) Happy WW

  9. Cool!! I bet they loved it!! SO neat! Such a great teaching/learning experience!

  10. Hey girl, you have an award at my blog! I know Felicia gave it to you yesterday, but I'm giving it to you too! =)

  11. I have rarely seen katydids. Bet the kids LOVED it!

  12. Wow it looks huge. My son would have been very excited too.



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