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Aloha Friday: Your health

My Question:

Do you have health insurance?


We do have health insurance, but we try not to go the doctor at all as it doesn't matter that we do have it, it's still paying an arm and a leg. So it is best not to go unless it's an emergency such as blood gushing or someone having a baby.  The last time we went was when my daughter busted her head open and the charges that came from that was serious. And all they did was put skin glue on it! I guess I do have to count the ambulance ride too but it was still mind boggling that it was so much. I need to be doing a yearly pap but haven't been doing that and the dentist thinks I should look at my throat by a specialist but it's lingering. Dh thinks there's nothing wrong with me. I'd still like to know though, but we'll see.

Kailani says "In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response."

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  1. No I do not. I lost it when I was laid off.

  2. We do have health insurance and it is very good. Typically we pay nothing more than our co-pay. Next year things could change as our insurance could cost a lot less but we would have to meet a high deductible or we keep it as is and pay the high cost. We are still trying to way out which one would work best for us.

    I think I would want to know about my throat just because someone said something.

  3. Yes we do, and I'd like it to stay just like it is.

  4. Yes we do. It has gotten worse over the years though. Costs more for less benefits. With the kids I feel better having it.

  5. I didn't for a year when I took an early out/ layoff but we do again as of this week! My hubby got a new job with health benefits! I had my twinkies on medicaid!I love visiting your blog 'cause I want to be on an island!Have a great weekend!

  6. I now follow and I grabbed your button!I gotta be ab;e to get back here quick!

  7. we do and have health, dental and vision through my husbands job thankfully and with 4 kids it feels like some one always has or needs an appt.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. yes we do its great after the age of 3 but it really Stinks before then.

    My son's wellness visits are not covered after the age of 1 n so far I've already paid $500 and then some. I'm so ticked off! I was told I should get a cheaper doctor ..WHat the...

  9. Yup I do thank goodness :)

  10. while the hubby is deployed we do....

  11. We're military so we have health insurance. We pay extra for dental and I get corrective eye care coverage through a "plan" from my credit union.
    It's not ideal but I'm very thankful we're covered and have been pretty happy overall.

    I feel for all the families who can't afford coverage. That would be so frightening! I DO NOT think government run health care is the answer though!

  12. We have Health Net HMO which has been awesome. Our co-pays are low for both prescriptions and doctors visits.

  13. I am so thankful for ours. We barely ever need it but when we do...well, those bills are INSANE! So glad to have it! What a blessing.

  14. Yes I do but I would rather upgrade to a better one with wider health coverage.

  15. No we dont we cant' afford how outrageous it is

  16. Last time we went was when my son had a burn accident. All the doctor did was look at the damage and instructed the interns on what to do. Come bill time, I almost fainted!


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