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H1N1 - Are we making decisions in fear?

 This is scary. These people have not done enough research to say this vaccination is good. It's just a desperate response in panic. You cannot do that to a country.

I'm so glad that she is out and telling her story. My heart breaks for her.

Our family has never done flu shots. We give the kids regular vaccinations, but not flu shots.

I've been listening and reading and the more we discuss this, the more we are deciding that we might not be doing this flu shot, just like all the others.

However the media is being used as a propaganda tool to cause much fear and panic so that people respond in fear instead of logic or/and also to make this flu shot mandatory. That's despicable.

It's the same way, I think there was not a recession, until the media started it's propaganda and then everyone started to hide their money and stop spending.

I really hope families will take the time to discuss this and demand answers.

Bellaziz (Crista) from Bellaziza's Favorite things posted this on her blog and I found it very interesting and wanted to share with you for discussion or just some more information.

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  1. We definitely should not live in fear. Fear is not from the Lord. But, we should be wise, and for us, no flu shots or any of the like for that matter.

  2. That poor girl! It is a 1 in a million thing that happened to her but things can go wrong. I have never had a flu shot and probably never will. I have also never given my kids flu shots. My husband and I don't agree here because he does do a flu shot every year.

    I do get mad at how much people panic and how they let the media influence them. I won't live in fear because my life is in God's hands.

  3. I saw that girl on the news and it was awful!

  4. I just have to say thanks for sharing this. It's something everybody should see. People are panicking and it's ridiculous. Doesn't history teach us that when we over-medicate for something, it becomes resistent to the things we use to fight it off? What if spring time comes and we get a SUPER H1N1 that is resistant to the vaccine and everyone is at risk BECAUSE they were vaccinated?

    My daughter has H1N1 right now. As I write this, she has a fever of 103 and is on her 4th day out of school. I am steadily giving her fever reducers and keeping her hydrated, and we are soldiering on. Let me tell you, if an almost 7 year old (actually tomorrow is her birthday) can handle this, so can everyone else.

    Calm down people, it's just the flu with a scary name!

  5. I agree about the panic. My husband keeps pushing me to get shots for the kids and I keep avoiding them. His mother works in a vaccination clinic in NC and keeps asking if we've gotten shots yet.

    I think this shot was hastily made and is unnecessary. I am wary of shots any way, but all the panic from the media and spurned by The White House is insulting to our intelligence.

  6. Wow wow wow. We were not going to get the shot anyway but I think this seals the deal. This poor girl I whish there was something that could be done.

  7. By the way Im not sure if its my computer but your waves drounded out the sound of the video. Just wanted to pass this along. Im still shocked over this video.


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