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'"He doesn't know that mommy is afraid too...

I play HGTVPro Football and since the games have begun, I would come in 16 or so out of 20. But this week I came in 2nd!!! and 4th and 5th in my leagues and I'm so stinking excited!

I love even more that my dh gave me props. He always does so well in his fantasy leagues and pick -em games.

Just something about your dh acknowledging you. It just feels good.

I wanted to join a yahoo fantasy league, but the league that I joined up with, did not begin. Everyone was so upset. Oh well. Next year I'll try again.


We returned our library books and dvds and got fresh ones. I went to a different library this time. It was interesting. I'll try a new library the next time too and see which one is a good fit for me and the kids.  I did return the books and dvds to the original library though and then went to the other library to check out more stuff.

I got home and wiped them down with disinfecting wipes because I'm a germophobe like that! Then the kids get to delight themselves in reading and being read to!

This week is all about Dr. Seuss. Did I mention how much I love Dr. Seuss? :)

I have to keep reminding the kids over and again, to take good care of the books that does not belong to us. Oy! So now I'm a helicopter-book-watcher.

I love books and it pains me if they are treated badly, so I try my best to protect them.

They were also having some sort of book sale and I bought 'The English Patient' for $0.25! I'm so excited about that. I did watch the movie and liked it. Plus I love anything with Ralph Fiennes in it! He is just fine :) and reminds me of my dh in profile. Maybe I'll buy the movie sometime...

I also wanted to get the book " Captivating by Elderedge, but it was out so I signed up to be notified when it becomes available.

I have chores to do here at home. I must or I'll start to panic. It turns out if my house isn't clean, I"ll get anxious and hyperventilate.
I'm almost done though. Just need to scrub bathrooms and wipe the floors. I'll be wiping with my mop and bucket. Turns out that steam mop is just useless afterall. They do say be careful what you wish for.
That thing is flimsy and leave too much wet on my floor. I like a good strong wipe (twice ) to ensure that my floors are clean.
Bah. Now if only I could get my $$ back. Good thing it was a gift card I won.


Last night it poured rain and thunder and lightning. My son was afraid and cried. I went in and dimmed the lamp for him and stayed talking with him for a while until all my responses were hm hm  so that he could relax and fall asleep. When I left he was calm and didn't seem to care that it was still thundering. He doesn't know that mommy is afraid of the loud thunder and lightning too :) I'll tell him later and we'll cuddle together just the same. For now I'll be fearless mommy.
When I left and came back, he was in dreamland :) My sweet boy.

Today it's windy and beautiful sunshine.

This is the day that the Lord has made.


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