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Keep Your Mind on the Wheel: Sign the Pledge + Giveaway

Moms and parents are key to sending the “Msg” on distracted driving

At the US Department of Transportation’s Distracted Driving Summit in Washington, DC on October 1st, 2009 one after the other, the experts at the podium said that one of the key groups in the effort to significantly curb the insidious public safety threat posed by distracted driving is parents, especially moms.
To that end, The Motherhood has launched a public service campaign working with moms across the country to spread the “Keep Your Mind on the Wheel” Msg.

Here is how you can get involved:
  • Sign the pledge to “keep your mind on the wheel”; model mindful, safe driving to our kids; and set firm house rules about no phone/texting/driving with your kids and family
  • Spread the word by putting the “Mom Sends the Msg” badge on your site
  • Join on as a “Mom on Board” Ambassador – email for a special Ambassador badge and more information
  • If you represent an organization or web community, sign on as a “Key” Alliance – email for more information
  • Participate in our Mom Sends the Msg public service contest (exciting details coming soon!)
Moms have the power to make a major difference in the distracted driving problem and we are eager to hit the streets with you and get to work.

Our Pledge

Driving while distracted can be more dangerous than driving drunk.
As moms, we want safer roads.
We know the time has come for us all to recognize the risks of distracted driving, to be more responsible and to mind the wheel.

Here is what we pledge:
We pledge to model safe behavior when we drive.
We pledge to set firm house rules on texting and phoning while driving.
We pledge to help spread the word on the dangers of distracted driving.

Here is what we ask for:
We ask for the dangers of distracted driving to be included in drivers’ education classes.
We ask for innovations in technology to help solve the problem.
We ask for laws to make it illegal to text and drive.

We ask for enforcement of existing distracted driving laws and consequences when the laws are broken.

By working together we will make everyone safer.

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  1. I also became an Ambassador for this cause. It helps remind me not to do the phone while driving thing. You are awesome!!

  2. Such a wonderful cause to support!!

  3. Thank you.

    I agree it is a worthy cause and I hope many will really take it to heart.

  4. We saw a lady swerving all over the road talking on her cell the other day and someone hit a person in a wheelchair while chatting on the phone. We have to stop doing this me included.


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