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Monday Mingle: Oct 25 - Hit the Mic and Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

If you'd like to join in the fun, do a short vlog on your blog answering the week's questions (however many you choose), post the above button on your site and link up at Eighty MPH Mom. Visit the other participants, learn about them and have fun! Trust me, if I can do it, then you can. Look down there at the amateur :) Come on jump in!

This week's discussion:

1. Talk about a breast cancer awareness program and post a link to that site. You can wear pink if you'd like, or do something else for Breast Cancer awareness (this whole step should be simple).

2. What is the closest you have come to meeting a celebrity? Or have you ever met a celebrity? (this can be ANY celebrity- famous author/singer/actor/even blogger LOL) - thanks Annie for this question!

3. Would you rather lick a grocery cart handle or lick a bus stop bench?

4. Do you like to sing?  Are you a good singer? What would Simon Cowell say about your singing? Feel free to sing a short song if you want.

5. Make up a limerick about Monday Mingle!  (you know - limericks?  "There once was a man from Nantucket....")

NOTE: If you didn't do you animal sound this week - please do it on this mingle (thanks Erin for requesting animal sounds LOL) 


In Support for Christine and her worthy promotion:

Live, Laugh, Love and Bloggings
Sign the Pledge: MOM SENDS THE MESSAGE (no texting while driving!)

You can enter and support Breast Cancer Awareness here: 

Breast Cancer Awareness: Yoplait's Save Lids to Save Lives Giveaway ends 10/31



1. Tell us a joke!

2. How old are you?  We are all friends here - we won't tell!

3. Do you like to dance? Are you a good dancer?

4. What were you for Halloween? Your kids?  Do you do anything special for Halloween?

5. What was your favorite subject in school?  Subject you hated?

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  1. You have a beautiful voice, and you just sound so happy when you sing! Wow! Also - your hair looks so just rocked it this week!

    A grocery cart handle? ewwww. I don't like either of the choices LOL.

    Your limerick was super cute - I loved it...thanks so much for doing one!

    Oh - love your shirt too (giggle) cute!

    Thanks for mingling!

  2. I've been saving my lids :)

    EWWW! You'd rather lick the cart!? Nasty nasty ;)

    Your laugh is contagious! And you can sing girly! Woot!

    Good limerick! Too cute.

    Happy Mingling :)

  3. You are too cute!

    So the question is...would you lick ass? hahahahahahaha!!!!

    I love that you singed!!!

    Sean Kingston he's famous too.

  4. you are sooooo cute!!!!!

  5. I was giggling right along with you every single time. You're such a ray of sunshine. :)
    Great job on singing!

  6. You sang, that was so fun! You have a pretty voice!

    I so wish you lived nearby. You are a pure delight!

  7. I love the lids to save lives! That is my favorite since I love Yogurt.

    You crack me up when you cleared your voice, you are too pretty and happy! I love to see you on Monday Mingle!

    Your voice is so pretty! You did awesome!

    Callie you are just awesome! Happy Monday!

  8. OMG, #3? I have to Purell just from reading that, lol!

    I've met a couple minor celebs here and there over the years. Singers, baseball players. Ehhh. lol.

    this is fun I'm gonna come back next week and play, lol

  9. Loved your reaction to the shopping cart handle and yes, they are washed, but does that really sweeten the deal?

    And you should be more than a bathroom singer, it's relaxing. :) Well done!

  10. Sheila!

    I know!!! #3 is a killer!

    I'm so glad you'll come participate sometime. Jennifer will be ecstatic!

  11. Blueviolet
    I can't believe I sang either! I kept saying to myself that Jennifer is pulling me ouf of my shell! Which is pretty cool!

    I'd love to be close by you too. I know I'd laugh my cheeks to squish because you are so fun.

    I love when you visit!

    Thank you and have a fabulous week!

  12. You are too cute!
    Love the singing!
    We do the Save Lids to Save Lives too. :)

    Thanks for coming by! I'm sure I'll see you next week!

  13. Kristin

    Lick ass? You mean the benches...ick ick ick . That question was totally rotten all around. lol! You cannot give a good or bad answer.

    Thanks :)

    I am totally clueless about what Sean Kingston sings! I gotta go check it out!

  14. Erin
    yay! I'm so glad you are saving your lids! This is exciting for me to be able to do something.

    And seriously, it's an either or either question and so I thought about it and think. They do wash the karts, plus all the mothers, clean freaks like me who wipe down the carts religiously. lol but then you should go read/listen to telling dad! lol

    It's a totally gross question! ick!

    Gracias mi amiga!

    Have a fabulous week you fabulous woman! :)

  15. Jennifer eightymphmom
    Thank you Speedy :)

    I was telling Blueviolet that I think you are pulling me out of my shell! lol. That's a good thing! I cannot believe I actually sang! You'd never catch me doing that!

    I totally didn't like either of the choices on #3 but I weighed the cleanest option. lol. That's a really icky question all around blech!

    And you should know, that wasn't a pink's actually red and white. I don't think I own anything pink. It's all black or other color. lolI wore that to church and it was perfect for the mingling :)

    I'm so glad I met you!

    Do have a great week you sweet woman!


  16. You crack me up! I love it!

    Oh! And I'm so jealous. How, how, HOW do you get the flipping camera freeze frame to capture such a great image of you? It always grabs me in the most ridiculous pose - eyes closed mouth open, etc. Grrrrrr.



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