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Another TSA screw up? Or.....

Saw this on Alesha's blog about this blog post. When I began reading her story, I began shaking, my head started to feel warm and then the tears and oh gosh I got so mad for her! I cannot imagine what I'd have done if something like that happened to me! TSA has had so much bad press that it's easy to think they have gone and done it again. However TSA has it's own video of the incident. You can watch the video here .

It all makes you go hmmm? huh?

And to follow up Nicole posted a response about the security tape released by the TSA

I'm spent.



So my thoughts after pie.

I'm thinking Nicole did not know they would have video of this incident :)?  Her post and TSA's video of the events are drastically different. (I'm assuming that TSA's video is straightforward?)

So she beeped the machines. Why then is she held in a little box? Don't they deal quickly with the beeper to find out what is the matter????? We actually call this security? A robot would do a better job!

Does it not occur to them that she is travelling with a child?

Why not allow her or someone else to gather her things safely? There are thieves everywhere and trust me, people will pick your bag up and walk off with it as if it's their own!

And seriously why the blur of the search? She is out in PUBLIC! Not a screening room!

 Anyway it's good that we can get to see different sides of a story.

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  1. I read her posts and also looked at the TSA Blog. It's hard to tell because so much could be edited out of a video. I don't blame her for being emotional, because as a mother, you are automatically protective over your children.

  2. I haven't read her post or seen the videos yet, but I've read a lot of people's reactions to it, and frankly, I'm afraid to go read it now. I'm afraid I'm gonna get mad at TSA!

  3. I would be emotional too when travelling with a tot and worse being separated from my things! While everyone take their own sweet time to get around to me who if I set off the alarm should be top priority. However the story seems stretched alot unless the TSA video is doctored.

  4. There is so much fishiness to the story from both sides. I just don't know what to think.


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