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 I just received this email. Please beware that you do not send any information to these people. I am only posting this because of how much bolder they are becoming in using the Yahoo mark.

There are so many scams out there. Please always be careful.


Account Suspension!!! Update Your Account Now, message
Yahoo Alert  
Add to Contacts

Dear Valued Member,

Account Information

Yahoo! - Blog -

Due to the congestion in all Yahoo users and 
removal of all unused Yahoo Accounts,
Yahoo would be shutting down all unused 
Accounts,You will have to confirm your 
E-mail by filling out your Login Info below 
after clicking the reply botton, or your
account will be suspended within 24 
hours for security reasons.

UserName: ...................
Password: ........................
Date of Birth: ......................

Country Or Territory : ...................

After following the instructions 
in the sheet, your account will
not be interrupted
and will continue as normal. 
Thanks for your attention 
to this request. We 
apologize for any 


Warning!!!  Account 
owner that refuses to 
update his or her 
account before two 
weeks of receiving 
this warning will 
his or her account

Yahoo! Mail

The INTERNET now has a personality. YOURS!
See your Yahoo! Homepage.


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  1. Oh my gosh! How scary!

    Thank you so much for posting this. I probably would have fell for that one!

  2. Thank you for this! I"ll be aware of it now and delete if I get it :)

  3. Good information to know. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for telling everyone!


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