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BreakPal Lifetime Premium Membership Giveaway! - Closed + Winner

Thank you all for entering! I do appreciate it! The winner for the BreakPal Lifetime Membership giveaway is:

Jackie Blue December 17, 2009 1:44 AM  
Low Entry Level would be my starrting! jackie 14

Congratulations Jackie - I've sent you an email.


Many of us have tried to include exercising in our daily routine and have failed miserably or just couldn't make it work. If you are busy and can't find the extra time to set aside to exercise, then I've got a great program for you! This program will help you and me (because I'm about to try this program too because I have to find out if it does work and really get my active on) to get some exercise while on the computer at home or work.

It is called BreakPal.

Breakpal is an innovative new program that allows and motivates you to work out several times throughout your regular day or workday. Breakpal is a workplace wellness program. Breakpal helps by reminding you to exercise.

When you download the Breakpal software on your computer, you can set the timer to remind you when it is time to do a few exercises which will definitely motivate you as you continue doing whatever needs to be done throughout the day. You can set your timer for every 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour, etc. Each exercise takes 2-5 minutes and varies in difficulty from easy to hard. This is very good, because at work , you might only get a break to go to the bathroom or grab a cup of coffee and you can utilize this precious time for your health.

BreakPal gives you a wide variety of exercises to choose from, such as stretches, Tai Chi, belly dancing, yoga and more! They will also have new exercises that are added on a regular basis to keep your workouts from being boring. We all love a little spice to keep us interested!

Another really cool thing about the BreakPal program is that you aren't alone. They have a social network forum on their website that award you points as you do your work outs. The more you work out, the more points you'll receive! You can talk to other members and ask questions or challenge each other, or just have someone to be accountable to, whatever you want to do to keep things interesting as you learn and as you move towards your goal of a healthier you. You can even tweet from BreakPal while exercising! Cool huh? :)

The program is built around a social networking site. You know like facebook or myspace. Except everyone on this social site has one thing in common. Trying to stay in shape while carrying on a busy lifestyle and working a desk job. Everyone here wants the same thing. To get in better shape.

  Exercise increases your metabolism, it makes you feel a rush ot motivation (increased blood flow :) ) and will make you more productive. This is what BreakPal will do for you! Exercising should be fun and exciting and have many varieties.

The exercises will work every part of your body. It's really the easiest way I know of to get in shape. Fun, motivating, and a little peer pressure to get things going. this is the answer to your fitness needs. And have a little fun while your at it.

Check out these examples of the exercises you'll be able to choose from BreakPal.

You can purchase a subscription at the Breakpal website   for $9.95 per month and you can also try their free version until you are ready to upgrade.


BreakPal Lifetime Premium Membership!

How to enter:


1. Check out the workplace wellness program page and tell me which of the five inherent BreakPal factors that you identify with or agree with the most.


2. Create an account at Break Pal

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Giveaway ends Dec 20th 2009 @ 11pm Cst

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  4. Motivation Builds! Definitely! I think this is a very interesting concept.

  5. Very neat idea! This is something most of need. :)

  6. What a great reminder. I use to do something like this but silly me would go into the restroom to stretch or just move around a bit. Sitting in front of a computer all day really can suck.

  7. Low Entry Level would be my starrting!




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