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Happy Blogsgiving Bloghop II

Mom Blog Blog Hop

Trisha over at Sweet 'N Sassy Girls and Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parenting teamed up to bring us a super fun bloghop all about showing some major blog love!

It is all about blogging about your your favorite bloggers!

To participate:
  1. Write a post(s) about a blogger(s) you enjoy and post it sometime between November 23-27
  2. Add one of our buttons to your post to let people know about the blog hop
  3. Come sign the MckLinky here with each post you write

Today I want to love on Annie from Mama Dweeb and Jennifer from eightymphmom

I met Annie a little while now and we visit each other alot. It's fun interacting with her. She is also working on her blog and every time I visit, it gets better and better.

I love her blog and how fun and sweet she is. She is just alive and all things mom and woman and wife and friend.

She is always laughing, well I think she is, but you can tell from her words that she is usually smiling. I love that.

She loves the Lord and I learn that I can ask her any question about cloth diapering! So if you want info on turning to the cloth, you must ask her!


Jennifer is a delightful woman. Affectionately known as Speedy. The moment you meet her you'll feel so comfortable and welcome. That is how I felt meeting her (not in RL but ...same thing) and so you know I just had to stick around :)

Then she invited me to do Monday Mingles and if you have not done this yet, you should hop on the fun wagon and vlog with us. You can start at your comfort level. I promise we'll come love on you :)

She is a SAHM with teens and her furrbabies which she is always showing off when they happen to stroll by a video or photo lens.

She does really nice reviews and giveaways on her space. Right now you gotta go enter her Oreck Halo Vacuum giveaway!! I totally want to win but I'll share with you :) .

I could go on and on about these ladies, but go find out for yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. This is a neat idea. I enjoyed reading it. :o)

  2. Blog friends are so great, aren't they?

  3. I was going to blog about Speedy too - isn't she great?

    Thank you for the wonderful post :) It made my day!
    Happy thanksgiving!!


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