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Happy Blogsgiving Bloghop!

Mom Blog Blog Hop

Trisha over at Sweet 'N Sassy Girls and Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parenting teamed up to bring us a super fun bloghop all about showing some major blog love!

It is all about blogging about your your favorite bloggers!

To participate:
  1. Write a post(s) about a blogger(s) you enjoy and post it sometime between November 23-27
  2. Add one of our buttons to your post to let people know about the blog hop
  3. Come sign the MckLinky here with each post you write

I'm still trying to find out her name, but she goes by Blueviolet. I love visiting her blog. She is always funny and it does not matter what she is writing about! I could be having the worse day and see a post from her and I laugh out loud.

She describes herself in these words:
I'm a mom of 2 who loves blogging, scrapbooking, reading, and finding fun and laughter in everyday moments

She also does some really fun reviews and giveaways so you will definitely want to check those out too.

Go check her out. You will be hooked because she is irresistible :)

Thanks Annie!

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  1. You are so sweet to give me a shout out like this! Thank you so much! I heart you just as much!!!

  2. Hey! I just came from Annie's place (Mama Dweeb) and I saw she linked to you so I came over to say hi. I know I've been by before, but she prompted me to poke my nose in again today. :)

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Blogsgiving.

    I haven't been by BlueViolet's place in awhile. I guess I should get to clicking, huh?


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