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I like Animals/Me gustan los animales! - BocaBeth - I won!

I just won a DVD from BocaBeth! I'm super excited. I won the I Like Animals/Me gustan los animales! Beth has a really fun giveaway going on on twitter. All you have to do to enter is:

"Play #BocaBethFun today to win a CDorDVD for your child's second language journey! Tweet your most commonly used Spanish word + #BocaBethFun "

So go on! Go play!

We love BocaBeth's products. I already own a few maracas and the My House/Mi casa DVD.

I use these to help with teaching the kids Spanish and they love the program and are catching on so quickly. Already my four and two year old can count and say their colors and alphabets plus sing songs in Spanish. I love hearing them speak words in Spanish to each other.

I've always wanted to be fluent in more than one languages and I hope the same for my children and will help them in the right direction.

BocaBeth do wonderful giveaways from her store from time to time, so you can always have a chance to win or you can shop at her store if you just can't take wait on a giveaway chance.

Do visit her site and blog and check out her programs. She even have free lessons for the children!

I love her program and can't wait to purchase more products for my family.

Founder of The
Beth Butler is a bilingual educator of young children and strives to create better communication within our increasingly diverse society. She is the founder of the internationally acclaimed BOCA BETH language learning series which has garnered various parenting awards including but not limited to the following: 2008 Editors' Choice Award/Family Review Center, Learning Magazine 2007 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family, Best Educational Product of the Year (2005 & 2006) –Parent to Parent/Adding Wisdom Award.

The BOCA BETH TV Program is now enjoyed via TV on The Education Channel in Tampa, Florida while her products have been listed on the US Department of Education’s linked site OELA (Office of English Language Acquisition) as a great resource for helping young children learn a second language.

Ms. Butler lived in Chile and Mexico, then spent more than 10 years in preschool and elementary school classrooms, and has written and recorded four bilingual music CDs in Spanish and English, produced two bilingual educational movies and four children's music videos, published a fun coloring/activity book in both languages and speaks nationally with parents and educators – encouraging second language fun.

Heard on CNN en EspaƱol Radio and Univision out of CA, featured in Scholastic/Instructor Magazine, Learning Magazine, Parenting Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, Latina Style and quoted by the Associated Press, Ms. Butler shares her passion for second language learning with thousands of families.

As a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, Head Start, National Association for Family Child Care and other professional organizations that share in the development of today’s youth, Beth Butler shares her passion for second language instruction with children, parents and educators via interactive children’s concerts, keynotes and workshops.

To schedule an interview with Ms. Butler call toll free 1.877.825.2622 (o), 1.813.244.1432 (c) or e-mail directly to

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