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Monday Mingle: November 15 2009 (W)

If you'd like to join in the fun, do a short vlog on your blog answering the week's questions (however many you choose), post the above button on your site and link up at Eighty MPH Mom. Visit the other participants, learn about them and have fun! Trust me, if I can do it, then you can. Look down there at the amateur :). Plus you can send in your questions to Jennifer for the next mingle. Come on jump in!

THIS WEEK'S QUESTIONS (courtesy of Erin- Mrs. Cox's Slice o' Heaven and/or her hubby Mat - thank you both!):

1. Have you ever gone streaking or skinny dipping? - from Mat (Erin's hubby LOL - I added the skinny dipping part)

I should. I've never gone. If I get the chance to, I might. It's such  abandon I think. 

2. If could invite any 5 people to dinner who would it be?

My SIL - She is my best friend - Took me 28 years to find one.

My father - I have never met him and would like to, even if there's nothing there.

Oprah - I think we would have  a good chat and it's good to make connections.

My English teacher - I just want to tell her thanks again for being so selfless in paying for my graduation when she realize the government had no intention of paying and so I wouldn't be allowed to graduate.

Jeff Dunham - I think he'd make us all laugh and have a great time.

3. Would you rather ... have x-ray vision or bionic hearing?

I would say bionic hearing because I don't always see stuff , but I do listen well.

4. When you tap your fingers... do you tap index finger to pinky finger? Vice versa? Or can you do both equally well? (Note, she and her hubby both do it differently LOL - this should be interesting) Feel free to show us!

I tap pinky to index finger on both hands. I tried to do it the other way and that was quite interesting.

5. Would you rather ... stand 4'1 or 7'9"?

I would rather 4'1. I can always wear heels to get to my desired height. 

6.  Yes- an extra question (submitted by Shannon) What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? 

I don't think I have a favorite dish. I love it all. The turkey, the stuffing, the mash potatoes, gravy, biscuits etc etc etc. and I want seconds!

Thank you all for visiting with me and have a daring week!

Git r done!

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  1. I tap pinky to index finger too and I'd choose 4'1" for a height. Oprah would probably be fascinating to speak with.

  2. Oprah would be fun to chat with I also agree. Fun huh?

  3. Oprah would definitely be a good person to have over.

    You have to pay for your graduation? What a wonderful teacher.

  4. I miss your vlogging, will that return? Right there with you on loving everything about Thanksgiving but I don't stop at seconds. :)

  5. i want Oprah to invite me to her couch, then everyone will buy something from me, im not sure what but it would be beneficial for sure. great mingle.

  6. Jeff Dunham is one funny funny man! He's a great person to add to the table for the good laugh he'd provide. Can't wait to mingle with you next week!

  7. I love your dinner line up! I would love to meet Oprah, such a strong woman! That is wonderful that your teacher paid for you to graduate, what a gift!

    I could do the finger tapping thing the wrong way for me but it just wasn't comfortable!

    I too miss you vlogging, but am glad you joined in anyway.
    Hope you have a great week!

  8. No Vlog :(

    I love your answers though! Well, I am not an Oprah fan but Jeff Dunham would be hilarious!
    Yes! Heels are always available - I think being that tall would be scary :)
    I'll see you around for sure!

  9. Your English teacher did that for you? What a wonderful lady!

    True on the height LOL. Heels are wonderful to increase height. I'd like to be a litter taller ideally, but actually I fit perfect with my husband so I'll keep all 5'2 of me!

    I miss seeing your face, but I understand...

    Thanks for mingling!

  10. What a pretty picture!

    Looks like a fun activity, hmmm I may join in


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