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Aloha Friday: Footwear laundry

My Question:

How do you wash your sneakers?

In my country, we get a bucket of water or in a sink outside, we scrub them with a hard brush and soapy water. Here I don't have the sink outside and not a wash pail to do this so I put them in the washing machine which really icks me out, but at least they come out clean. Shrunk yes and sometimes disfigured, but clean. And yes I use lots of disinfectant too.

Have a wonderful weekend! Aloha!

Kailani says "In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response."

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  1. Hmm i generally scrub them with a hard brush and wash them in the sink.. then and only then i throw them in the washing machine:)
    But we don't wear too much snickers generally.. so yeah.. that's not happening very often!

    * my Aloha Friday is up too:)

  2. I have washed them in past years. Right now I have sneakers I can wipe down. I remember not liking to hear the banging in the washer.

  3. Not often, but sometimes yes.

  4. Usually just wipe them down with a rag or scrub brush. I have three boys and they know if their shoes get muddy, they have to clean them themselves.

    Hope you have a great day!

  5. LOL.. My hubby dose it all the time. I can't stand it. But he thinks it saves them.I thought he was the only one who did things like that. Hubby says there is a sneaker setting on our wash machine,lol. Well I looked and THERE IS!!!

  6. Love the aloha friday picture! My boys wash theirs in the washer & I hate it! But, we need to, I suppose:)

  7. When the boys have cheaper sneakers, I toss them into the washer. Now that we have some more expensive I scrub them. I have to look and see I think I bought a sneaker cleaner once, but no clue where I put it.

  8. I've never washed a pair of shoes. My mom washes hers all the time! I added you to my linky. Sorry it wasn't up when you stopped by!

  9. I scrub them in the sink and then toss them in the washing machine by themselves. I set them outside in the sun to dry.
    Thanks so much for the heads up on my Skin MD giveaway!
    Hugs and Happy Aloha Friday!!

  10. used to scrub in the sink..
    now its the washing machine!

  11. I'll use a special scrub cleaner that I picked up at the Reebok outlet store.

  12. I do not. We have runners in the family s the shoes are replaced every 200 miles or so, which means every 2 months.

  13. My sons we usually just wipe or scrub down unless they are really bad then we will throw them in the washing machine.

    Happy Friday!!!

  14. I use a little 409 on them and that usually spiffs them up a bit.

  15. Scrub them in the sink, as you do.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    Have a nice weekend.

  16. wipe them dowm.I don't wash my running shoes!good question!

  17. Would it gross you out if I said I didn't wash mine?

  18. Are you supposed to wash sneakers?

    Ummmm... Okay, well if the bottoms are caked with mud, then I'd scrape them off the best I could and then scrub the soles. But that's the extent of it. I don't normally wash shoes.

  19. I don't wash ours either. Just wipe them off if they need to be

  20. LOL, I don't...I really don't wear sneakers!

  21. Wash my what?

    I don't :)

    Tagged you in a Christmas Meme wanna play


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