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Are you eye smart? - Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

I know how important it is to look after the eyes. We sometimes don't even think about how important they are to us unless something is happening to them.

I've always had trouble with my eyes since I was a child and something like this awareness campaign is very important to me.

November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month. Diabetes is a leading cause of vision loss among Americans, and committing to getting a diabetic eye exam annually is an important step in preserving your sight. Ninety percent of severe vision loss from diabetes can be avoided by visiting your ophthalmologist annually and by controlling your diabetes. The “EyeCommitted” widget is designed to help raise awareness about diabetic eye disease and encourage Americans to commit to an annual eye exam, which can help prevent loss of vision when combined with appropriate treatment.

Do pass on this information to friends and loved one. Someone needs reminding.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! It really is important to remember the health of our eyes.


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