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Monday Mingle: I choke on chocolates!

I am so frustrated with this. I have no idea why my videos are not uploading. It's driving me nuts!

If you'd like to join in the fun, do a short vlog on your blog answering the week's questions (however many you choose), post the above button on your site and link up at Eighty MPH Mom. Visit the other participants, learn about them and have fun! Trust me, if I can do it, then you can.  Plus you can send in your questions to Jennifer for the next mingle via the form on her site. Come on jump in!


Yay! I got my video!!!! I'm so freaking happy! 

So you'll have both written and video as I had already written it out.

1. Tell us FIVE random facts about yourself.

A. I don't drive at night. I'm afraid I'll run off the road. It freaks me out. If there are times that I have to do it, then I will. Such as going to bible study if my husband is away on a job etc. I guess these are the times I get practice. And now that 5pm is midnight black, I keep getting caught out late! 

B. I choke on chocolates! I have chocolate stash in my kitchen and so sometimes I try to get a few popped into my mouth really quick before the kids catches me and end up choking! 
These are the chocolates that are my undoing.

In two days I finish a bag! they are Mauna Loa milk chocolate with macadamia nuts! Oooh soo good! I must stay away from Target! 

C. I put my ipod in my ears and at 3am in the morning before I've been to bed, I'll go wash dishes so that my sink will be nice and clean. It makes me feel less stressed the next day. And I love a clean sink. Plus the music is good :)
D. Forget the luxury cars! Bring out the 3500, 3/4, ext crew cab, diesel, humming truck! Oooh the bigger the better! Yes sir! I love me some trucks! 

E. I only see out of one eye. Can you guess which one I see out of? Arrrr

2. Do you wear perfume or cologne? What scent(s)?

I used to have a perfume. Glo by JLo. I loved that scent, but I don't wear perfume or cologne really. Not even antiperspirant. I just use a body splash.

3. How many speeding tickets have you gotten in your life?

None yet, but the other evening 5pm (looks like midnight these days). Came up to a red traffic light and stopped. Then in front of me it was green ahead but I wanted to turn right, so I did, even though there was no right arrow. I didn't think it mattered since it was green ahead. Then I saw this bright flash of a camera click, so I'm wondering what the heck is up! So we'll see.

None for speeding as yet. We'll see how that goes on our trip to AK. I usually go 5 or 10 over so....

4. Do you go fishing? Do you like to fish?

I've only fished like 3 times in my life and this was on our vacation trip to visit family in Alaska. I had always wanted to go fishing and was so excited. Long hours yes and VERY cold, standing in thigh high water, but loved it! Sometimes I caught fishes and sometimes I didn't. Even saw bears on the other side catching fishes too. Pretty darn cool I think! I'd love to do it again. and again.

5. What reality tv shows do you watch?

I watch Amazing race. Tonight is the finale I think! Whooo! 

Project Runway: Love this. I used to dream of doing stuff like that when I was younger.

And American model show with Tyra...but don't watch anymore. I guess I just got just phased out...

So I'm sorry my video uploads are not working. I try motionbox and youtube and nothing is working so it sucks. Oh and also vimeo. I started uploading them 2hrs ago...and they are still uploading.

I hope you will have a fabulous week!

Thanks for visiting with me!


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  1. I'm watching Amazing Race right now and that ex beauty pageant girl is being SO MEAN to her boyfriend!

    Clean sinks make me so happy too! Flylady says to clean it every night as part of her routine. :)

    I couldn't get away without wearing antiperspirant. I'd stink!

  2. Oh yes I too love my clean sink! I think that a clean sink is the best part of the whole house makes your house feel clean with no dishes. Those chocolates would be my undoing as well and your eye, you and my ear, I can only hear out of only one ear.

    You crack me up on the truck! Yes I love the big diesel trucks.

    You crack me up, I am so happy to see your beautiful face! YAY

    Have a great week lady! Loves ya!

  3. Oh Callie... I hear Enya in the background. I LOVE Enya. :)

    I love chocolates! Chocolate with nuts are so good. Yum. But I've been trying to be good lately.

    I'm with you on the clean sink. But at 3am???? Holy molasses, Batman! 3am??????? Really????????? Wow.

    I had no idea that you could only see out of one eye. You really can't tell. Or at least I couldn't!

    Your little girl is so cute. She's there the entire time in the background of your vlog. *Hi Callie's little girl!!! - waves!*

    And about the diaper thing, Callie? My littlest girl just turned FIVE and she isn't fully potty trained yet. It's a control issue. The only thing kids have control of is what they eat and how they potty. My girl loves food and juice so much, she chooses the potty. It's such a struggle. So you're not the only one by FAR. My (now seven year old) older girl had the same issue and the only thing that got her to potty train was us backing off. When she discovered she had full control over it she actually took control and got fully potty trained within a week.

    Oh and I love your hair! You look like one hot mama in your vlog. :) And your smile is so contagious. I just love it! You have such a natural beauty. I'm so jealous.

  4. Girlfriend---I just love love love your truck enthusiasm!! So adorable!

    And you to do your dishes later in the day!

    3am? Oh good gracious.

    SLEEP in a little.

    No wonder you are choking on chocolate and running off the road at must be so tired!!

    Nice to meet you from SITS!

  5. Yay! You got the video to work!

    I listen to my podcasts while I wash dishes, but NOT AT 3 IN THE MORNING. When do you sleep?!

    Hope you don't get a ticket. :)
    Have a great week!

  6. Forgot to add -
    Hang in there with the potty training. It is so-o frustrating, but it will happen.

  7. YAY your video is working!!
    I hate driving at night too...I try so hard not to do it.
    Chocolates are amazing!! Funny that you choke on them trying to eat them fast though LOL
    YAY For a new truck! That is so fantastic! I too think the bigger the better with a truck, that is the best!
    Congrats on no speeding tickets! Good job Callie!
    10 over, you are lucky never to have gotten caught LOL

    It was wonderful seeing your happy face again! Have a great week!

  8. You are so darn gorgeous!

    I don't like to drive at night either! I always imagine horror movies or something LOL
    Holy cow your sink is clean! You are one amazing woman!
    HEY! We both wear JLO! I wear Live but I love Glow as well!

    How awesome to see bears fishing! I really want to go to Alaska one day!

    Have a great week!

  9. I wish I could watch your video!! but all I have to say is MAUNA LOA MACADAMIAS are worth choking on. So luscious! so tasty! excellent choice in chocolate. :)

  10. YAY! Your video worked! Your daughter is beautiful! We like J Lo here too. I think I need to buy those chocolates! :)


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