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Baby I'm addicted!

The husband says I'm hard to shop for. I'll be sure to give him a list next time, which will also serve for future special days.

I will not pass up jewelry! And I don't have any, so that should be a hint right? ok then whatever. Let's get on to why I'm addicted.

The hubs did get me the chocolates that he knows I LOVE! He got me three packs! That was Christmas day and sadly as of yesterday they are all gone.

I swore that they would last for four weeks or so! I don't know what happen. Should I feel bad?

I guess it's a good thing I don't shop at Target or I'd be in trouble! They are only sold in Target here (that I know of).

Yes. I might just be addicted!

What is your sweet addiction?

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  1. I love them too they wouldn't have lasted 4 weeks for me either!

  2. Those look delicious!!
    My addiction? Resses Pieces. I can't walk by a bag without eating them. No wait - two bite brownies...they are gone in one night. Yumm!!

  3. I am addicted to Reese cups....YUMMY!!! :)

  4. Those might (MIGHT) have made it 2 HOURS with me. I LOOOOOVE macadamia nuts and chocolate covered? OMG!

    lol! LOVVVVVVE those!
    And Dove's milk chocolate/peanut butter bars.

  5. Oh Lord...
    Now I need to go and find these!

  6. I'm WAY addicted to Goobers, so I'm guessing those would do me right to!!! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest...on Monday...Ah ha ha!

  7. i've a sweet tooth for chocolates but they will add inches to my waistline. :(

    Happy New Year!

  8. I love homemade chocolate chip cookies. A friend of mine made some for me over the holidays and I refused to share them with anyone . . . even the kids! :-)


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