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Monday Mingle Feb 1st 2010 - What movie character would you love to play?

If you'd like to join in the fun, do a short vlog on your blog answering the week's questions (however many you choose), post the above button on your site and link up at Eighty MPH Mom. Visit the other participants, learn about them and have fun! Trust me, if I can do it, then you can.  Plus you can send in your questions to Jennifer for the next mingle via the form on her site. Come on jump in!

This week's questions were submitted by Amy from Mevolving...thanks Amy!

1. If you could be any literary / movie character who would it be and why?
You will know that two of my favorite movie characters are Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett. Well they star in the same movie 'Strange Days' and so I would love to play Ms Bassett right here. 

There are other characters I would love to play, but I'm just narrowing down to the one that fit right in there for now. 

2. What is your biggest phobia?
I really don't like germs and nasty places and it might be a phobia or used to be a phobia. It's all because of the orphanage which was always terribly nasty. 

Another is closed spaces. I like big open spaces. I hate being locked up with padlock and chains in the orphanage like we were in prison. So now I don't like closed doors or small spaces. I think small spaces make me faint (Found that out in school and while travelling in packed buses in my country) 

3. Do you have any pets? What are they and what are their names? 
I don't have any pets. I used to want a dog really bad, but now I'm not sure I want the American way responsibility of petting. 
I am also thinking of a kitten. They seem to care for themselves better. I'm still a dog person though. 
Maybe the kids will choose. 
The husband is pro cat and I'm pro dog so you understand how this decision process is turning out. 

In my country, animals are not pets, so it's a learning process to watch animals being treated better than people. 

Next week's questions (submitted by my daughter!):
1. Would Super Nanny say if she came to your house?

2. On the show Wife Swap/Trading Spouses, they typically pick opposites - what type of spouse would they send to you? (meaning what type of spouse would you really hate having around!)

3. If your spouse (or if someone were to propose to you) what would your ideal proposal be (ie setting, creative)

And a heartfelt thank you to Marie aka  Dolly at who shared this award with me. You are a sweetheart and so glad to be getting to know you!

 Thank you for visiting with me and have a great week!


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  1. Oh, I've never seen that movie "Strange Days." I'm totally going to add it to my netflix though. It looks so good!

    I'm also a germaphobe. Probably not as extreme as some. But it certainly freaks me out. Those germs everywhere!

  2. I've not seen that movie either. And here I was thinking I was well versed in movie watching!

    Germs don't bother me so much. It's how we build up a resistance to them. I realize the call for hand sanitizer everywhere at the moment with so many wide-spread illnesses but if we keep using things to keep us germ free, we risk putting ourselves into a bubble and then really run the risk of contracting everything if we're in the wrong environment. Like a doctor's office waiting room! Yuck!

    You really need to get a sweet tempered cat, Callie. I know you want one! :)

  3. Never seen the movie Strange Days.
    i hate germs too.
    Thanks for joining in again.
    Dontcha ya just love Monday mingles?

  4. Hmm I've not seen that movie! Why haven't I seen that movie?! I have to watch it...

    Germs - yeah I don't particularly like germs either LOL

    Hope you have a great week darlin'!

  5. LOL.. Ok so when I read germs I instantly thought of that commercial that had a woman opening doors with her feet so she and her kids wouldn't have to touch it..

    My mind works in mysterious ways.. ;)

    I have to say that I also have never heard of Strange days.. I'm going to have to check it out and I can totally see you as Angel Basset!

    Thanks again for your help on Twitter last week!

  6. I LOVE Angela Bassett! She is so talented and so pretty :D

    I'm definitely not big on germs either, I always have my sanitizer on hand lol

    I'm pro-dog but they sure are a lot of responsibility!

    Lovely seeing you again as always hon!

  7. Oh yeah, germs a big one for me too. I don't like crowds or escalators either. LOL I have issues I guess.

    We have dogs and cats and although they are not treated better than people, they are certainly treated well. ;)

  8. Your quite welcome, but there's really no thank you involved. You more than deserve it because your post is awesome. 1st time I stopped was because of your picture on the blog. It's awesome! It reminds me of that movie Casablanca. I don't know why it just does. hehe Plus, you're so nice & friendly & an interesting person. Kudos on your blog. BIG HUG from Illinois! Today I stopped because of your ? too! Who would I like to play in a movie? Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca who else! It's only one of many I'd love to do. Have a great day my friend!

  9. I am SUCH a germ freak... but I work really hard to try to not think about it. Especially now that I have kids and I don't want to pass my insanity on to them.

    I've never seen that movie.

    Talk soon!

  10. I remember strange days! And Angela Bassett is incredible. She exudes confidence and power, with out even trying. Great choice.

    I had a similar fight in my house with the pets - my husband was on the dog side, though. He won! I think we would have been better off with another cat - they are much less maintenance than what a puppy is. But we love both of them, so I guess it won't matter in the long run.

    Glad I could stop by for my firs Monday Mingle, see you next week!

  11. Just stopping by to follow and say hello with Friday Follow. Not sure what literary character I would be.


  12. Hi Callie!

    I have never seen that movie and now I really really want to :)
    Germs - I am the total opposite of you....I share glasses with my kids and even have been known to eat thier food if they don't finish it. LOL

    You would love a kitten, they are really cute, and a constant source of entertainment :)

    I wish I could have gotten here sooner, but I am glad I made it!

  13. I found your through FF, please come by and follow back as well. I know that I am late, but better late than never. I look forward to following your blog. Come check out the amazing giveaways that I am doing right now. Have a great week! Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into a Blog

  14. Hi a new Friday Follow love the header I really would like to be there right now. LOL

    Hope you come and visit us soon

  15. GERMS!!! I am so right there with you on that one!! Cheers!

    Peas Out!
    ~daddy b.

  16. GERMS!!! I am so right there with you on that one!! Cheers!

    Peas Out!
    ~daddy b.

  17. I haven't seen that movie either - I will have to check it out!

    GERMS!! Why didn't I think of that? I hate icky, dirty places or anywhere there could be germs. I'm constantly wiping down the counters and surfaces in my home, and when we are out somewhere, like public places, I use a paper towel to open the door! EWWWW

    Yes, I can definitely see the dilemma with the pets LOL.

    Thanks for mingling!

  18. I think the responsibility factor is also what keeps me from getting a dog. I'd love to have one, but I'm not sure if I'm up to all the work involved, especially since I want more kids (and they're a lot of work themselves).

    Hope you're having a great week!


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