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Monday Mingle - Travel - bits

If you'd like to join in the fun, do a short vlog on your blog answering the week's questions (however many you choose), post the above button on your site and link up at Eighty MPH Mom. Visit the other participants, learn about them and have fun! Trust me, if I can do it, then you can.  Plus you can send in your questions to Jennifer for the next mingle via the form on her site. Come on jump in!


1. What is the neatest/coolest car you have ever owned?

2. Have you ever been to San Francisco? New York? Tell us!

3. Along those lines - are you going to BlogHer? Did you go last year? What was it like?

Thanks for visiting. Sorry I was so waddling again. I'll catch up with you soon.

Have a great week!

Next week's questions (Questions 2 and 3 submitted by Jendi from Simple Vlogging Tips - thanks Jendi!):

1. When going out to breakfast at a restaurant, what do you typically order?

2. What style/type of house is your favorite? What room or accessory must your dream house have?

3. How many houses have you lived in?

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  1. I hope you do go to BlogHer next year! I'd love to meet you! :)

    You and your trucks!

  2. You saw the golden gate bridge! I'd love to hit that up sometime. I've never been to northern California. And never think you aren't big enough to go to BlogHer. I'm no one and I went last year!

  3. I'm with you, Callie. I think I'm a wee bit small potatoes for Blogher too. Although the real reason I probably don't try very hard to go is that:

    1) My family is a little too dependent on me right now.


    2) I'm just a severe introvert in person with a bunch of strangers I'd probably have a complete and utter meltdown. lol

    Maybe eventually though.

  4. Red camaro? WOWZA! Love it.
    You are doing Jendi's vlogging challenge? YES! I already did it! ;) Let me know when you do it. I'd LOVE to see.
    I love New York! It is awesome. Great food!
    Blogher? Really? It doesn't matter that you are not a big blogger--you just have to have the I'd like to go. Maybe one day.

  5. Your photo at the top of your blog is fantastic!

    Welcome to SITS.

  6. I've never vlogged before - too bashful. :o)

    Welcome to the SITS community!

  7. Glad you joined in even though you are tired!
    Yes you said my name right. :)
    I think your camaro sounds really cool!

  8. Stopping by from SITS! Thanks for stopping by. My uncoolest car was a Chevy right out of college. It has no air conditioning.

  9. That is so cool that you like trucks. My husband is getting into a pickup envy stage. So who knows what our next vehicle will be!

    My best, Lynn

  10. How fun!!!
    I went to San Fran a couple yrs ago. It was very cool....except in Chinatown at a public restroom that was um....really nasty. Lol.

    But everything else was very fun there!

  11. I also was in San Francisco, but didn't see much b/c I was busy at BlogHer.

    I hope you do come to BlogHer in NY, it's always lots of fun.

    My mingle is at

    Talk soon,

  12. How much does Blogher set you back?

    I love this picture at the toop of your blog too.

  13. I have never done a vlog! I might just have to join in next time!

    Coming by from SITS! Welcome!!

  14. Callie I love your beautiful face...yes I love a big fast truck and red...Oh so sexy! I am so glad I am getting around to the mingles.

    You have to go back to San Fran, so much fun, so much to take in! You have to go to BlogHer this year, I would love to hug you in person woman. Have a wonderful week and I love ya!

  15. I would TOTALLY love to see the Golden Gate Bridge someday!

    I agree with the other ladies too you should totally go to blogHer, I think you're someone completely awesome!

  16. Oh it's so good to see your face again! You are just too cute for words. I really wish you could go to BlogHer - I would absolutely love to hang out with you. I do understand the financial aspect - it is expensive!


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