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Want to be in charge of your auto repair?- Introducing AutoMD - Press Release

Site Overview
AutoMD ( launched January 2010 as the most complete and unbiased free online automotive repair resource designed to empower car owners with the best and most affordable way to repair their vehicles -- whether they’re heading to the shop or doing it themselves. 

Unlike any other site, AutoMD allows both car owners and DIYers to 

1. Diagnose car problems

2. Know how much car repairs should cost 

3. Understand the steps needed and the time it should take to make the repairs


4. Find the right local shop at the right price for their issue.

AutoMD has a library of over 100,000 how-to repair guides. They include job difficulty ratings, as well as the number of hours it should take.  

Through a series of questions that ask things like “What does it smell like? What area of the vehicle is the problem located in?” car owners can narrow down the problem to help ensure the correct diagnosis. 

In addition, AutoMD’s ‘Fair Price’ estimator can search over 10 million possible jobs using specific average labor costs for each zip code, hours to complete, and parts pricing data – down to engine size and sub-model.  

AutoMD also provides Do-It-Yourself costs, including tools needed and parts pricing, empowering consumers and saving them even more money.  

Unlike any other free site, AutoMD also provides car repair diagnostic tools, a repair shop finder tool, and a DIY Repair-apedia to help consumers save money and make their lives simpler!

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