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Beauty: Shave (Aloha Friday)

You might not have seen these photos, but I got them from a discussion on JAM's Own Reality. Go visit her for the whole story, very good discussion I might add.

It's quite interesting to me that we aren't told to be comfortable with our bodies but should do all we can to keep up with what society deems beautiful.

I have no problem with her legs or the underarm being unshaven. And if they feel comfortable enough to be free and wear shorts or lift their arms then so be it. Is is a crime to not be shaven? Is it a disease in our bodies that should go away?

How do we tell our children to love themselves and their bodies if we are so afraid of embracing ours.

Of course I shave. I HATE it. It leaves razor bumps and itch like mad. It's torture, but I like to have a clean shaven leg because I've grown up to feel like a total weirdo if I as a woman have hair on my legs.
Of course I desire smooth, hairless legs, but why? Is it because I truly desire this or because it was taught to me that this is what normal should be?

If I want to wear a certain thing, especially in summer, I shave. But really do I want to? or am I just doing it to please society? To be more accepted.

When I met my mother and sister and saw that they didn't shave I felt so free!

However to each their own. If you want to shave, do it. If you don't, then don't. You should be making the choice, not society.

How often to do you shave? everyday, once a week?...etc

I don't really have a schedule. I just do it when I want out of pants and want to wear tanks, esp in summer.

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  1. I do shave and I'm sure it's just because society has taught me I should. I admit that I had a pause when I saw Monique's legs and Julia's underarms. But you're right - why should I? I don't really care if they don't shave but I'm not free enough not to shave myself.

  2. Oh my gosh, that is bold!!

    I do shave my armpits daily, but I do not always shave my legs. Especially in the winter!

  3. I agree with the previous commenter. I shave my arms everyday because I can't stand the feeling of hair under my arms. It makes me feel dirty, even after I shower. Not necessarily because society has deemed it so.. more so because I am so used to shaving everyday. I, however, don't shave my legs unless I'm going to be wearing something that will be showing my legs. I am the type of person that hates body hair, on myself.. because I hate the feeling of it. So anything that bothers me, gets shaven. Feet included.

  4. Oh yuck to see that hair on the celebs. I shave as soon as I need to. I like the smooth hairless look. LOL.

    Happy Friday Follow and Aloha Friday! Visiting and following from FF, and so thankful to you joined us this week.

    p.s. Congrats on your feature at The Eclectic Element!

    ~ Lynn

  5. I shave everyday or the least every 2 days.. i love the hairless look and the smooth skin! I never thought of this as a thing society asks from me but rather a thing that i do because i love how it feels after! I just wish it would take lesser time.. if there would be a button to just do everything in a minute i would buy one:)
    Aloha and here's mine!

  6. I shave my arms every time that I take a shower..that might be every other day sometimes.

    I do NOT have time to shave my legs every day, but I do shave them every 2-3 days during the summer. I go longer than that in the

  7. I do shave every day.. but to each her own you know! I actually cheered with a girl who wouldn't shave her legs until winter was over!!

  8. As a Younger person I shaved all the time. But now i barely have any hair so I do not shave often maybe once a quarter and then there isn't much. One problem with having hairy arm pit is the smell.It is hard to control in the summer. However I have no problem with others no shaving. it is a personal thing to me.

  9. I'm a Nair fan. Once a week in the winter and twice a week in the summer. I HATE stubble!

    Have a great Friday!

  10. Great topic!
    When I was dating my DH I told him that I am not the best at remembering to shave my legs or armpits (this was after we had been dating quite a while) and if he had a problem with it he just had to let me know and I would shave. Well he said it didn't bother him one bit. My hair is blonde and soft so you can't really tell on my legs if they are hairy unless you really look.

    That being said, I only shave during the summer when I will be wearing shorts/skirts. And I hate shaving - I just don't have time for it. It is so time consuming to shave my legs. I wish that society would get over it and let women just be LOL

  11. As a man, those pictures are just wrong. :) I do have to shave my face daily but nothing else. This post cracked me up. Happy Friday!

  12. I shave when it's necessary and that's a lot. lol - Maybe that is why laser hair removal is so popular.

  13. I shave the pits everyday and my legs about once a week.

    Visiting from My Kids Are Fun for Aloha Friday!

  14. following you back. love your top header pic. :)

  15. I shave my underarms every other day, but i only bother with my legs when my legs are on show!

  16. OMG I'm suppose to shave?!

    arm pits once a week and legs not during the winter once a month but during the summer once a week. Honestly my hair doesn't grow as fast and you can barely see it.

  17. I'm an every day kind of girl. Just can't stand stubble, ugh. I do look forward to getting old though so I won't have to do it as much or at all when it all slows down.

  18. im shaving my pits and bikini line regularly but not my legs. i have a thin fine hair on that part though :) following u from FF! Feel free to visit me here:
    Life Can't Wait and Up Now and What's Next

  19. Following you back! Oh my I think I need a razor myself! You just made my night!

  20. I shave my underarms pretty regularly. Legs, not that often unless they are on display. To me, it's one of those necessary evils. I don't look down on those that don't shave though.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying yours and will be following you too! Happy Friday Follow!

  21. When I was younger shave, shave, shave. I taught my girls to do the same, but I didn't let them start until maybe 16 I think it was. The more you shave the more you have too. I was hairy back then from the knees down & I had to shave the ol' pits or I didn't feel clean. I didn't in the winter unless I was wearing a dress. Then as I got older my hair stopped growing on my legs & under my arms I mean I don't even have to pluck my eyebrows anymore. I have no idea why & I don't care. I don't have to shave anymore & I don't have hair. WOO HOO! Just 1 thing I'd like to add. Remember that girl singer who went off on her own & she use to sing with Peter Gabriel. Remember what happened to her? She's European & they don't shave their legs or under their arms (well, some cultures don't). She had a pic taken similar to Julia's & it totally ruined her career. 1 hit wonder, I guess.

  22. I pluck my armpit hairs because if i don't, i'd be touching and picking on my armpit like crazy no matter where I am, because the hair itches my armpits.
    however my legs, I used that hair removal cream when i see half an inch hair growth on my legs and when i have the time. why? because my leg hairs are not even, they only grow on the lower part of my legs. it really looks weird.

    check out my 2 aloha fridays:
    That Movie ‘New Moon’
    Preparing for the D-Day

  23. Stopping by from Friday Follow...I do shave about once a day (underarms only..the legs wait until they need to be shown). I think Monique looked beautiful that night, though.

  24. I shave as often as I have to. I feel itchy if I don't.

  25. Floated over from friday follow. Love the blog, hope to see you around.

  26. I do shave my armpits regularly.
    But, I only shave my legs when I wear a dress, shorts, etc.

  27. Great post! I shave my underarms daily but my legs will sometimes go about a week without shaving. It's such a chore, lol.

    “Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest”

  28. Living in the tropics, I feel like I have to shave more often.

    Following you back from FF.

    I love the photo at the top of your blog page, wish I could be there!


  29. everyday but I live in Fl!! I admire the ladies that don't have to or feel that they have too.I just always have!!!Aloha

  30. I've seen both of those pics and thought they were disgusting. However, they can do what they want with their bodies.

    Personally, I think leg and arm hair is not only unnecessary, but ugly.

    I take a shower every day before bed and shave then. I can't go to sleep if there is any stubble on my legs, it just feels nasty. The same thing goes with my hair. Many people don't wash their hair everyday, but again I only feel clean if I do.

  31. I only shave my armpits as my legs have little or no hair on them! What little hair I do have my legs are very thin and fine and barely noticeable especially in the summer when I tan!

  32. Wow Ive never seen the first picture. I dont know how I feel about this. Especially because you bring up the points of do we feel the way we do because we were taught to shave.

    I wax in the summer to save time and shave in the winter based on clothing that I wear. I personally think it look better on a female but Im not going to knock someone for not doing it.


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