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Monday Mingle - Kids chore/Boy-girl Scouts/Camping

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This week is just written.

1. Do your kids have chores? Do you pay them to do chores?

I have a two and a four your old. Right now their responsibilities are just to clean up their toys when it's bedtime. However the love to help unloading the dishwasher, so yes we do it together and I'm glad for the help and eagerness they show. The eagerness might not continue later, but eventually that will become part of their helping.

The four year old also has to make his own bed and fold the clothes he takes off. It's all practice right now until he gets better at it.

I don't think I will pay my kids to do chores. They can go mow the neighbors lawn and get pay. In our family it will be about sharing responsibilities to help our household run as a unit.

2. Were you in Girl Scouts/Brownies or Boy Scouts? Are your kids? Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

No girls scouts for me. That's an American thing. I grew up in another country. However if my kids desire to get involved I'd help them along.

Question: Does those girl scout cookies actually taste good?

3. Does your family go camping? If so, do you have a funny/interesting experience?

We have not gone camping as yet....I hope it will happen for us.

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  1. How fun that your kids show such an interest in helping out. I am thinking about implementing a chore chart this year!

    Happy Monday Mingle -- I will be back in a little while to enter your giveaways!!

  2. OMG you are so missing out if you haven't tried a girl scout cookie yet. The Thin Mints are awesome but Keebler also makes a Grasshopper cookie you can buy in the store that tastes pretty close to it.

  3. We have the same thoughts on chores here as well! I haven't had too many scout cookies, but the ones I have tried are OK, I'd rather grab some homemade ones though.
    You should camp, you'd have a ton of fun I'm sure

  4. YUM. Girl scout cookies.
    Yes, they are good. Too small of a box though. lol.
    I enjoyed your mingle once again and was relaxed AGAIN by your beautiful header. I swear don't ever change it. I LOVE it!
    Have a happy week!

  5. Callie I totally agree, part of being a family is helping out. Plus I think it helps build responsibility. OMG and you need girl scout cookies and Camping. The best ever! Have a great week beautiful. xoxo

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. They do love to help when they are little, don't they? I'm hoping to get them all in the habit now so that I'll be out of a job when they are teens. :)

    Yes - most girl scout cookies are good - at least the ones with chocolate.

  8. I love Girl Scout cookies but I don't eat them anymore. They're not very healthy at all!

    I didn't pay my kids for chores either. I wanted them to help because they were part of the family, not because they were getting paid. But big projects or extra things were sometimes rewarded with money.

  9. Cleaning up toys are great chores for little ones I think it helps teach responsibility early.

    Girl Scout cookies taste AMAZING!!! You can buy generic Thin Mints at Walmart for $2.50 a box and they taste just the same if you want to check them out :D

    I hope you get to try camping but I agree with you that RV'ing is probably a way better way to do it!

    Lovely to see you this week dear as always!!

  10. Hiya! Check you out - you are the first to link up!

    To answer your question - yes - Girl Scout cookies are so good!! I think part of the appeal is that they only come out once a year.

    I like your idea on chores, and it's good they are doing a few already. I do pay mine, but I do that because when we go out somewhere and they want something, I can say "would you spend YOUR OWN money on this?" Most of the time the answer is NO. Then they realize they don't need/want it that much LOL.

    Thanks so much for mingling!


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