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My eye - My window: World Glaucoma Week - March 7-13

Eye health is very important to me. I used to have two good eyes but during primary school my sight began to fade.

I was a very good student. My teacher felt good putting me at the back of the class while the trouble makers or others were closer to the front for monitoring.

I remember my work started being affected. I, who used to be the first (or one of) to hand in my assignments/work, started to be almost last. I started to squint really bad to see the board.

Then I got up and went half way up to see the board.

Soon I was standing beside the board to be able to see to get my work done. I guess eventually my teacher noticed this and told my foster parent.

They arranged with the government to take me to a hospital for eye surgery where they determined that I had cataract.

I remember that after the surgery they told me to go home with the eye patch, drop the medicine in my eyes and within a week I'd be able to see perfectly again.

It never happened.

And I began to need stronger and stronger lens to see. A few of my nicknames for a very long time were, four eyes, fishtank, etc.

I recently went to have my eyes checked for a new pair of glasses because I had had my old pair for so many years and the doctor that checked my eyes was shocked.

He said he was surprised that I could even see at all. He also told me that if I had been to a good surgeon as a child, the chances are, today I would not have had to wear glasses and that the surgeon that operated on my eye did a very bad mess. He also warned not to ever try lasik.

But all in all, I am soo thankful to be able to see. Sunsets, sunrises, my babies, my family, friends...Yes I'm terrible thankful.

This is why eye health is so very important to me.

"World Glaucoma Week which runs March 7-13 is aimed at spreading awareness about the importance of comprehensive eye exams which include evaluation of the optic nerve and measurement of the eye pressure.

Because of the aging population, glaucoma is expected to rise from 60 million people currently to 80 million by 2020. Genetics also play a large roll in risk factors. People of African descent have 3-8 times higher risk to develop glaucoma, and those of Asian descent represent about 47% of people diagnosed with glaucoma.

Resources such as can be used to view videos on eye care, find a healthcare professional, review more information etc."

Did you know that John Patrick Shanley, Academy Award Winner for Best Screenplay for Moonstruck and playwright of Doubt, was diagnosed with advanced glaucoma twelve years ago and has experienced significant vision loss?  “Although glaucoma runs in my family, I took my sight for granted until I was faced with the harsh reality that I could go permanently blind from this condition,” Shanley says. “Fortunately my timely diagnosis and treatment has allowed me to live my life fully and to continue doing what I love.” To hear more of Shanley’s story and why he encourages everyone to receive regular eye exams, please watch this special iPSA:

A joint initiative by Pfizer, World Glaucoma Association and World Glaucoma Patient Association, the All Eyes on Glaucoma campaign has been developed to drive public awareness of risk factors for glaucoma and the critical importance of appropriate diagnosis among at-risk populations.

So make an appointment today and if you know someone who needs to know, ask them, tell them. Share a care.

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  1. How frustrating for you. I have very bad eyesight too and was teased as a kid for wearing glasses too. I don't have the extent of the problems you have, but I do worry about my eyesight and have glaucoma tests done every time I go to the eye doctor.

    I think it's great that you published this, it's very important to get the word out to take care of your eyes.

  2. Thank you Tesa,

    It is so important for people not to take this for granted.

  3. Callie, my seven year old had eye surgery two years ago. She's worn glasses since she was two years old. She still sees a specialist because her eye problems are ongoing but she's stable.

    I remember one day not too long ago at the park where my daughter came running up to us because some girls refused to play with her because she had glasses. You should have seen my husband. He went through the park to find the parents of that rude child. He finally found the person who brought her to the park with his own kids. The man apologized profusely and told us that he would speak to the girl's parents as he KNEW she has had a history of being rude and unkind to people.
    We've had no problems since that but that was a real shocker to me that kids could be that ridiculously cruel just based on eyewear.

    Thanks for your PSA about eye health, Callie. I'm so glad you are getting proper care now and can at least see out of the one eye. :) Everyone should get regular checkups and personally I think that eye exams and lenses should be covered a LOT better under insurance.

  4. Such important information to share!!!!


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