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Chocolate taste good but soaps smells better..

I have a friend who is a coupon bounty hunter. She finds them all and she gets the best deals possible that I want to hire her to do my shopping! I wish I was her neighbor, she'd have to bug spray me to leave!

With her awesome coupon finds, I got a 'buy one, get TWO FREE' deal on Johnson's  Buddies easy-grip sudzing bar. Of course I'm all over that! I have kids!

I was so excited by this great deal that I went two different times to get the deal. A family can't have too much soap..

That was two years ago.

I used one of the bars and was so disappointed at how harsh the soap was on our skin.
I stopped using it on my babies but figured I could make use of it for my face washing, after all it does smell really good. My face was so dried out that I had to discard that decision immediately.The rest of that bar was used for hand washing, always ensuring to slather in Aveeno lotion after each wash so as not to have cracked skin on our hands.
I was so glad when the one bar was finished and I never used the others.

So since it's been two years, I am hoping that Johnson has improved on their easy-grip sudzing bar and I will use the other bars and see if my opinions have changed.

My son is learning how to give himself a bath so this is a perfect soap for his little hands and it does say easy-grip.
Borrowed photo

Of course there are good features about the Johnson's buddies easy-grip bar. The bar has a fresh scent. is great for little hands and helps to make bathtime fun and also a learning process on how to clean their little bodies properly..
It also does lasts a long time!!! I kept wanting it to be finished!

Have you used this soap before? What was your experience?

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  1. I've never used that, but it seems like a great idea for the little ones. My sister has twin four year old boys that would love that for their bathtimes!

    If you get a chance, stop by. I've got a new giveaway that's starting today that I think you would like!

  2. what a fantastic giveaway,
    Good Luck for all!


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