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Do you like my new kitchen?

Our kitchen is the heart of our home. We gather here and talk and eat and my  kids will play in the kitchen ALL DAY! They are always underfoot. But mingling in the kitchen is always fun, warm, tummy filling and frustrating :) 

So of course it's only natural to add another kitchen! :) It has all the amenities too.
The new kitchen boasts: 
  • A sink with removable sprayer-faucet
  • Storage shelves and 22 play accessories
  • Light up burners and a "tickling" timer with bell
  • Seven reinforced doors on the refrigerator, oven, microwave and several cupboards
  • Corrugated carton with full color litho label
  • Kitchen requires two AA batteries that are not included
  • Packaged in colorful corrugated carton with full color litho label
  • Assembly required
  • For ages 3 and up

I received the American Plastic Homestyle Kitchen from CSNStores a few days ago. It came in perfect time since we wont be here next month. I was hoping to surprise the kids but the huge box with the product photo on the outside gave it away and for all evening Saturday and most of Sunday, there were non-stop pleas for me to open the box and take the kitchen out! Oh how I wish it was that easy eh. 

You do have to assemble the thing. Don't try to sell that to toddlers. They don't care. 

I am so glad that my handy man husband was home to put it all together. He is good with putting stuff together and VERY meticulous too! We put the kids down to nap while we worked on assembling the kitchen. I'm surprised they even fell asleep, they were spastic!
I actually expected it would be a fast set up but it took longer. We started at 2:07pm and finished it all at 4:52pm. This includes his run to the store to get AA'' batteries, since I was still cutting and shaving the silverware (or should I say plasticware) and cookware that came with the kitchen. There is a lot of trimming to do because most of the smaller pieces comes spider-webbed together and you have to cut them out to get the pieces you want to match up. All the pieces have lettering and numbering so that you can easily find the matching pieces to fit together. 

The removable faucet does not have anything to attach it to the kitchen sink. We thought it would be a good idea if it could be attached so dh found (he is ubber smart) a 'washer' (I think he has everything in his garage spot for stuff like this) to fit it together so the piece would be just like a pull down faucet. Way cool huh?! 

At first we were kinda worried about screws because the packaged said we got 40 large screws and 16 small ones but we only saw 40 large and 12 small. It didn't matter much though since we only used 37 large and the 12 small ones.

It was only after the toy was assembled and ready for kids to wake up and delight over it, that I saw what tools we should have used printed on the sheet. 
We used this:
instead of that:
So if you happen to do what we did, try not to overscrew, because it's plastic, not wood. 

I veiled the toy in anticipation of the kids waking up. They couldn't contain themselves to get at this kitchen! They played all evening and at dinner time, pretty much inhaled their food so they could get back to the fun! 

I always try to choose toys that will stay with our family for a long time or that will teach my kids something while also being fun and holds their interests and if I do say so myself, this was a great pick! 

It comes with a phone and I can hear all my conversations being repeated from one fake phone to another with attitude and all! I guess I better be careful what I say even more!

Of course I'm officially their unpaid food taster. They make mommy everything under the sun! I eat like 12 - 15 cakes a within 2hrs! So far no one has brought me apples....hmmm. 

I love their creativity. I'm sure when other kids visit my home, this will delight them too. 

I also noticed, there has not been any fighting over who should have what etc. They play very well together with this toy. 

One evening my son was in his room for time out and I could hear him telling his sister to bring him pie and juice and ice and on and on it went. I thought that was just too cute. 

They have everything at CSNStores! And if you are a new mom, check out their baby cribs!And you must stop by and check out their over 200 stores. 

A little about CSNStores: 
CSN Stores, a $200 million company, is comprised of more than 200 different shopping sites under the overall umbrella.
CSN's product categories cover everything from cookware, ultra modern furniture, bunk bed-office combinations and fitness equipment to gaming chairs, grills, greenhouses and much more. If it's a piece of furniture or an appliance that you need for your home or office, you should check for it at CSN ( first, as there's a good chance we carry it and at a competitive price.  

I did receive this product for my review. The product is easy to talk about since it is something my children love and that's what's important to me. I have not used it long term as yet to see how the pieces hold up but so far with all the banging and kids-use, it's going good so far. 
Thank you CSNStores for this review opportunity.

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  1. how fun is that! :)Looks like your kiddos are really enjoying it!

  2. That Kitchen looks great. My kids loved the kitchen set when they were little too but I have to admit we went with the non-assembly type. You and your husband did a great job and cutting all the little parts, wow!

  3. That's great! I love the photos. I wouldn't have thought it was that hard to assemble. My niece has the very same kitchen and it's my son's favorite thing to play with when we visit her, especially the "real" burners.

  4. ooooh ahhh I loooove your kitchen !
    What an awesome review !

  5. I love that kitchen! Much more than my own even!

  6. You need to buy them an easy-bake oven and you may never have to be in the kitchen again :o)

  7. Now that is one fantastic kitchen, and one fabulous review! Lordy, when do I get to move in? Yes Girl, you have finally out did yourself. You always give great reviews, but this one is extremely thorough and straight to the point. Good job! ~applause ~

  8. We bought the same one at Christmas and i can NOT tell you the words i spoke assembling this. It is the worse Kitchen ever lol.
    It is currently a safety hazard as i don't think its 100% put together ... 4 months later lol!

  9. That is really cute! I laugh at the assembly process. Why does everything have to be so hard. I put together a big wheel bike once for my youngest, put the handle bars on backwards and then screwed it in to far and stripped it. OOPS!!!

    Looks like your kids are going to have a blast with that. I know mine would, I just would not have the space for it.


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