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Midol Makes It All Better

The midol has worn off and so now I feel as if I have my body back. It happens every month! This excrutiating pain down the lower part of my back that makes it feel as if I'm having back labor. This pain also makes me not want anyone to touch me and surely this is when my kids all want to sit on my lap! Sometimes I have to shoo them away and just curl up in a ball. Crying doesn't help, waste of energy, so I wave-breathe the pain.

I used to have to work and go to school with this terrible pain, and pray for relief with midol or any other pill that would bring relief within the hour. They seem to take forever to work after you swallow.

I have terrible period pains which I would only wish on my enemies :)

It feels like something takes over my body and I can only at this point in time try to survive. It's harder to handle when your kids have needs and demands of you and you just want to scream 'PLEASE GO AWAY!'
But then it doesn't matter if or when mommy is sick, she will always have to do what needs to be done and take care of the family, should we talk about when kids or papi is sick? Ok, we wont even go there.

This womanly visitation doesn't only take over my body physically but also my emotions and I morph into 'bitch zone' a few days before the droplets are realized. It is only after the flow begins that I look back and realize that I was indeed bitchy and why I was this way. Then I promise myself that I'll know next time and try to handle it better.....teehee.
How many times will I pray for forgiveness for all the snapping and shortness of temper towards the husband and the kids in this brief interim of my life each month?

I also learned that, when I am expecting this flow, I should take the pain killer the minute the flow appears or even half an hour before so that by the time the crippling pain hits, I will already have relief. If I wait to take it until after the pain begins, then it takes longer to work and not even blessed sleep can bring relief! Sadly I can't predict the day, only a guessing of the week that this will happen, or mere minutes before.

This is when I wish for morphine!



I don't drink though, so it's just a strong wish at that point.

I don't agree with interfering with my body in it's natural state, but I can't help wishing for that pill thing that gives you a period only 3 times a year!

I need to start my iron intake again too to stop quivering of the legs that happen during this time, but all I know is that I need something stronger for this pain!

...for now I feel as if I am on air because the morphine the midol is finally working.

Maybe next month I'll remember to identify the bitch zone'.......bwahahaha

Here's to womanhood. Where do you hurt?

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  1. You poor thing. I remember the Midol days so well. I don't know why and I don't know how, but when I turned 40 the cramps and pain went away.

  2. I no longer have this monthly visitor but Oh, do I remember it and I can soooo sympathize with your pain. It is true, that if you take pain medication after the pain hits it's strongest point you are fighting a losing battle. You have to head it off, so HEAD it off because mommies are not allowed to crawl up in corners! Hang in there!!!

  3. I never really get horrible cramps, but I have had a kidney infection and I did go through back labor, so I can KINDOF relate. But to go through that every month really sucks :(

    Oh and you def. DO need to try avo on your bagels :)

  4. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi! I was on the pill (seasonique)that claims to only give you 3 periods a year! Don't buy into it! I bled EVERY DAY that I was on the first pack (that's 91 days!!!!) and bled 80 out of the 91 days on the second pack and said forget it! I'm done! It's really not that worth it! No wonder no one can get pregnant on can never have sex!!!! LOL! But I do feel your pain, I have awful cramps too (the more kids you have the worse they get!) Have a blessed day!


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