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Outdoor home decor

Since we moved into this house, I've been thinking of getting something for the area in our front door so that my packages won't just be placed on the ground (especially when it rains) or just somewhere to sit and watch people, the sunset, traffic...just sit and enjoy.

I've had a hard time finding anything that is budget friendly.

I've decided that going to garage sales is a good idea. I just can't seem to remember to pick up the garage sales newsletter on Fridays!

But I will be writing it down and hopefully, I'll remember this weekend.

I'd love to get something like these for the front and sometime I'd love to get a patio set for the deck in the back.

I don't want anything fancy. Just something durable and fitting in taste as I'm rather picky.

Going garage sales hopping would be so much easier if I had someone to hop with and not just my two small cubs.


Ahh well. A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do.

Do you have any yard/outdoor furniture?

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  1. I need to get a new patio set this year too. We have my parents right now, but it's just not right on our deck. I'd like something with big fluffy cushions.

  2. I can not believe it is time to shop for new patio sets.

    The Warm Weather Is Here - Finally!!!!

  3. Sadly to say No I don't but I'm certainly saving up for some and I'll get it by my birthday in July! That's a promise. I want a really nice set with an umbrella and nicely padded chairs and one that is a rocker and a lounge chair too. YES I want to be comfy

  4. Love the photo of the bench, very cute! Speaking of patio furniture.. I just saw the patio set I want this past weekend at a Wal*Mart about 3 hours from us. A little more than I wanted to spend, but it's going to last a very long time (wrought iron patio table and 6 chairs). We love to entertain, so I can't wait to finally get it! :-)

  5. Oh I so want outdoor furniture. I have been saying for years that we are going to get some. I should check out garage sales. But it is awfully hard with the kids in tow.

  6. I totally need a bench, like the top picture, out front! Visiting from Content for Comments. Heading over to check out your Project 365! I just started one!

  7. We have a pair of weathered rockers on the porch. But I love your ideas. The bench would be perfect next to the playset.


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