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Paper, Plastic or Re-Usable

I am all for going green and I'm doing little things at a time to help my family while helping the environment. All pros points to living responsibly and healthily. 
However one of the challenges that seems so easy, yet so hard to incorporate, is using those re-usable bags at the grocery store!

I have these bags at home (quite a few I might add) and even use them to transport books to and from the library, lunches , toys etc to the park and other places and yet I can't remember to take these to the store for my regular grocery shopping! What's up with that?

I can't help but wonder why the stores can't just ditch the plastic and say, hey we are now using these, bring your own or use ours etc. Is it really that hard for them to do this? 

I guess the next phase is getting them in the trunk (even more place to forget them) of my truck and see if I remember to take them in the store with me. 
Maybe it's just harder to do since it's not yet the norm in the grocery stores. 

Do you take your re-usable bags to the store? Is it awkward for you to take your own bag and load your groceries?

I guess this would affect other areas of my life too, such as using those wally bags for the diaper pail. But hey, that's a whole other post! 


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  1. well .... i have them, lots of them, maybe twenty or so ... and i do put about 1/2 of them in the trunk, where i promptly forget about them when grocery shopping ... the rest i keep by the door, where i only notice them if they fall out of the basket ... i really wish i could remember them.

  2. Actually Whole Foods did that....they got rid of the plastic bags a long time ago (must be at least a year now...)....and they give you 5 cents off per bag you bring in. They do have paper bags if you don't have your own bags.....
    So, when I happen to go to Whole Foods, I do take my bags (usually only one bag, because I can't afford to buy more than that!

    However, in spite of all the bags I have, I usually don't use them at the other grocery stores.....but I do put all of the plastic bags in them to then carry them from the car to the of nuts, but they make it so much easier to carry everything in those bags.

  3. I have not done something like bringing my own grocery bags yet but I think it will be really cool. It may still be quite uncommon for people to do this. If the change starts first with us, I believe we can eventually inspire others to follow too.

  4. I'm like you - I have bags but I never remember to take them. I would like to take them and not even for environmental reasons mainly - I just HATE having all those plastic bags to have to do something with when I get home! Maybe I'll move them to my car and see if that helps??

  5. I'm hit-and-miss with my bags - I've ended up buying more when I shop if I've forgotten them at home (or in the car) so now I have quite the collection of them. But I'm getting better at remembering to bring them with me - and I love how much easier it is to transport my purchases in them than the flimsy plastic bags! :)

  6. I'm just terrible about using those bags. I have them but I never think to bring them in with me!

  7. Aldi's will either sell you bags (plastic, paper, or re-usable) or you can bring your own. I'm pretty good about it but nor perfect. I always get paper if I forget my re-usable ones because I can use the brown paper bags for crafts.

  8. I use my own bags as much as I can and when I remember to bring them in.
    I have so many now that I try to keep at least five in my trunk.

    Many stores around here are starting to charge for plastic bags and they give credit for every bag that you bring with you.I think that's very smart.

  9. It took me forEVer to remember to bring those reusable bags with me to the grocery store. I've pretty much got myself trained now. Time to work on the rest of the family...I'm swimming in plastic grocery bags!

  10. JDaniel's job before we go shopping is to get out the bags.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. I think taking your own bags is cool. I wish I could remember too instead of having that guilty look on my face when I say "yeah, plastic is fine"

  12. i have several bags... and i am happy to say that i remembered to run back inside and grab 2 today before we went to the store

  13. Yep, I takes me own bags & I'm proud of it. Why you got a problem with dat??? HMMMM! I have crates in the back of my van too that I load with our groceries because they're easier to carrier into the house & safer than a bag breakin'.


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