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Are you attending the Blogher Conference in New York? - Tips To Help You

Are you going to Blogher?

I would love to go sometime but right now is just not a good time with my little young children at home and not having any family close by to leave them with.

There is also the financial aspect where we just don't have the money for rooming and food and travel that would be included in visiting New York for this conference. Not to mention that everything is more expensive in New York.

Apart from Blogher, I'd love to visit New York and spend some time around the city.

There are other blog conferences that I'd love to attend too but the same applies as above.

However if you are going, I hope you'll relax and have a wonderful time meeting other bloggers and learn as much as you can on how to get around. One of the best plan is to go with a friend or plan to meet up with a friend. Exchange numbers etc.

Or just visit Amy here and check out her post about:
How to Prepare for & What to Expect at BlogHer. Tips & advice for your first #blogher10 experience.


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  1. I would so love to go to Bogher, but like you I can't see it fitting in to our child care or financial situation at all!
    Last year, for those of us that stayed at home there was a blog hop I participated in, where you visit other that couldn't go. I hope they do it again this year!

  2. Sounds exciting!!
    I would love to go too. Hope both of us get a chance to in the future:)

  3. Yes, I'm going and I'm super excited!

  4. I'm lucky enough to be going, though I can say that my blog paid for my ticket and hotel (through graphic designs that I did for other bloggers). Since New York is only a 2 hour bus ride, it's not too much of an expense for me.

    I hope someday we can meet each other at a conference!

  5. I'm going and this will be my first Blog Conference of any kind. I don't know how folks can get to every single one, but this is the only one I'll be attending this year. I plan on blogging and tweetin the entire experience.

  6. Nope, due to a disability right now I don't think it would be wise, and besides even if I could I think I would want to wait at least until next year when I know more about blogging etc.

  7. I definitely want to go once! Can't do it this year but I am hoping to go eventually. My two kids are grown and next year would probably be the perfect time for me!!


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