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Me, The B.A.T. And The Road

May 4
All the last week of April was spent getting bible study and all other errands done, while packing five of everything plus extra for both kids and myself.
Of course there's the food bag , potty seat, and other gadgets that's needed.

I'm sitting here Tuesday night in a motel, writing. I was hoping that I'd be catching up on blogging, emails and updating friends, instead it seems my laptop can't get online here.

Must I tell you how much this sucks? However the stubborn in me will keep trying.

We've been driving since Monday night from Louisiana and now it's Tuesday night and we are in Colorado Springs. We are definitely trucking as my SIL/BF says. In Texas we came upon such thick fog that you couldn't see more than 3 feet in front of you and  had to keep peering over the hood to see the road. It was a ripe mixture for an accident. We were enveloped in this fog so we pulled over and all of us stretched out and had a nap until it was after 7am and clear.
Napping in a vehicle isn't fun but it beats doing it in a car!

The husband did drive all night so during the day when he needed a break I took the wheel and handled myself well I must say. I'm so glad I can help out with the driving this time around. He was going to pull over and park for resting, then he asked if I wanted to drive instead. Of course I hesitantly said
yes (I immediately saw deadly crash with all of us mangled).

I was holding my own, passing big rigs (Yes I'm terrified of passing them
or driving close to them) and at 80-90mph to boot! Woot for the girl. This
here is my machine baby. Did I mention how much I love trucks? :)

And ever notice how 50mph feel like 20mph when you've been going 80-85mph?

Tonight we did fast food, then I gave the kids a bath and grooming. I was struck with the thought, that I had to get them washed up for dinner, fed, bath, teeth brushed and in bed for rest.....every trip, I'm the only one on kids duty...Equal help from my hubs would definitely be appreciated. I'm sure that this is not going to change for the rest of the trip though. We've been on many other trips and I was always on kids duty. Is it the woman's role? And then again I feel selfish for asking more of him when he does all ...most of the driving.

We definitely made good time here to Colorado Springs and tomorrow on our
way onward we'll try to see a few interesting sightseeing along the way.

It really bums that I can't connect to the internet.

I'm exhausted to lata.


P.s updating. It's Wednesday night early Thursday I think and in another motel (So afraid of this motel..ICKY) 

I miss you all my friends and hope to visit with you again soon. 

Oh it's a trip! 


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  1. Nothing like a long road trip with the kids. Hope you are all having fun!!!

  2. Oh, and travel safe!

  3. Have a safe trip! And I hope your hubby helps out--he's their parent too!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. And, tell the hubby to pitch in on the kid wrangling duties.

  5. Okay CRS creeping in as usual. Didn't know you were leaving. I hope you're having a good time, and taking lots of pictures. I know some hotels are different than others, but you'll be fine. Just pretend you're on an adventure. Keep us posted & thanks for sharing. {{HUGS to all}}

  6. Ya'll are trucking! Safe travels and have fun.


  7. Oh, have a fun time!!!

  8. I am following you on Friday Follow.

    Jeanette Huston

  9. Hello,
    How are you?
    Long time not seeing,
    It is good to pay you a visit...
    It seems like you are doing great!
    Happy Mother's Day!


    Family First Award,
    Happy Mother's Day!
    I recall your kind heart and open mind, I feel blessed to know you.

  11. Oh I can't believe you were in Colorado Springs!! I am like 2 hours north of there!
    I hate passing semi's too!
    God Speed to you and your family, and enjoy your trip!!


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