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Boon Bath Products - Do You Have Toys In The Tub?

My kids love bath time! They'd take a bath everyday if I let them.

My back doesn't agree with everyday.

I've never bought any special bath toys for my kids. I usually just put a few regular toys in with their shower time so they can play or just have something to distract one, while I wash the other.

Now that they are older, they seem to be asking more and more persistently for toys in the tub, whether it's a quick shower or a nice tub-filled bath.

Are we the only family who have not bought bath toys for our kids?

Then I saw an opportunity to do a review of a Boon product and was so excited! I got a positive response and they sent out the 'Bath Goods' for us enjoy.

Ooh I surprised my kids and they went spastic!

Oh yes they are going to pick all that up and put them where they belong!!!

It's amazing how fast they knew to just stick them to the wall!

The bath fun was on! Toys were inside and outside the tub!

We went on our long trip after their second bath with these Boon Bath Goods and every time we stopped at a motel, I was asked for the toys!!
No honey, I did not bring them with us. A quick shower and sleep is all we can do right now :). Not sure I'd want to lay around in a motel bath or have my kids do that.

Now that we are home, they are once again enjoying their Bath Goods, thanks to Boon Inc.

The Bath Goods are fun, light, easy to dry and colorful. I LOVE color in my home!
The kids love using the mini scrubbies. My son is learning to do his own bath so it's perfect that he even got to choose what color scrubby he wanted to use.

They love the balls and no, they still don't always share! :)

Bath time is fun and they'd play the whole time as kids love to do, but all too soon, the tub was unplugged and it was time to be wrapped in a towel and lotion.

But the fun never ends for too long, because this process is just a natural repetition in our lives! Why not make it fun eh.

Bath Goods:

Designer Toys and Scrubbies

This collection of fifeteen bath appliqu├ęs, three balls, and two mini-scrubbies makes bath time a creative and playful experience. These designer toys do not absorb water, reducing mold and mildew. Their contemporary colors and funky forms look great in the modern bath. The mini-scrubbies are designed to fit little hands perfectly.

 Thank you Boon for this review opportunity.

I received the Bath Goods for review but it in way influenced my review. It's just something my kids are enjoying and easy to talk about.

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  1. How exciting!
    Happy Birthday `D`
    Kindergarten is fun.

  2. Now those are some really nice toys for those kids. I remember searching everywhere for toys that weren't destructive in the bathtub, and didn't find all that many. Great Post their lady. Maybe I should get that for when the grandbabies come over, and stay with NaNee. Yes indeedie!

  3. This looks very much fun.

    Thansk for visiting my blog. Have a lovely day.

  4. I love Boon products. We have the bug pod to keep all the bath toys in. I'll have to get some of those shapes for the girls to play with!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog too. :)


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