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Farm Rich Snacks And Appetizers - Pizza Slices

  • Authentic pizzeria-style crust
  • Microwaveable
  • Good source of calcium and protein
  • 0 grams trans fat
  • Convenient resealable packaging
  • Premium ingredients - authentic pizzeria-style crust, classic marinara sauce, and natural cheeses
I agree. It certainly lives up to its bite. I got a coupon and picked some up for the kids lunch snacks and it was quick and easy to do and the kids and myself loved the little slices.

I'm not really a microwave girl, so I went the long way of heating the oven to get quite a few done at one time! :) 

You can eat them by themselves or dip them. Do you know how excited kids are about dipping?:)

I had a few different flavors of Cajun salsa to try mine with and it was yum. Some the kids didn't like so much because as they claimed: 'fire was in their mouth'
Of course my dipping did not stop at salsa. I had to try preserves and jam! It was good but taste better with the salsa.
I found mine at Walmart. Pick up a few and check them out. 

I also wanted to try the French Toast Sticks but I couldn't find any in my walmart. 
I will keep looking for them so I can share with my family and see how they compare. 

The French Toast sticks are:
  • Made with whole white wheat bread
  • Fortified with 11 vitamins and minerals
  • Good source of calcium and vitamin D
  • Microwaveable
  • 0 grams trans fat

About Farm Rich® Snacks and Appetizers

Farm Rich® products have been setting the standard for delicious, easy-to-prepare food the whole family loves.
Farm Rich® foods taste like nothing else because they're made like nothing else – with 100% real ingredients like real cheese, high-quality meats and fresh vegetables. Our snacks, appetizers, and breakfast foods are quick-frozen and carefully packaged so busy families can prepare great tasting food within minutes.

Farm Rich® is a Rich's Consumer Brand, which brings to market some of the food industry's leading retail brands including SeaPak® Shrimp Co., Casa Di Bertacchi® and more.

From early morning breakfasts to midnight snacks, we're proud to say Farm Rich® products have become synonymous with high quality and great taste.

Thank you Seapak for this review opportunity.  You can check out the giveaway I did for Seapak here a few weeks back. 

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